May – Interweaving Love and Truth

Interweaving Love and Truth

May has begun with a feeling of uncertainty. A cold spring continues with heavy rains and nights dipping back into the 40’s. There seems to be a long pause as we wait and anticipate warmer days to come. This month a stark reality is being brought to light to acknowledge where we are imbalanced as individuals and collectively.  These initial slow days of May are perfect for reflecting on what is true and real for ourselves and our relationships with others.  Balance is achieved by seeing what is real and true with love and compassion. Our heart energy is needed to feel the imbalances so we can heal them. 

 A powerful full moon lunar eclipse occurs this Thursday, 5/5, completing this first eclipse season for 2023, which began April 20 with a solar eclipse. The theme for the full moon eclipse occurring in the Earth sign of Taurus is about coming back into right relationship with each other and with Nature. You are urged to resolve old relationship imbalances so you no longer accommodate toxic or abusive relationships, whether familial, work, or friendships. Seeing the truth of relationship dynamics is a way of loving ourselves to restore right relationships that honor ourselves and others. When we bring love and compassion to relationships, we are grounded and are aware of our own feelings and needs. This will allow you to be in a mutual relationship with another with honor, respect, and compassion. Individually and collectively, we are asked to face and resolve the deep secrets and shadows of consciousness that are being brought to light with this full moon.  Ask yourself:

                       What do I need to heal emotionally?                                            Your emotional healing will support your physical healing. 

May energies offer more clarity and encourage us to be very clear about our thoughts and intentions. Make your communications clear and be kind as you strive for harmony.  Interweaving love with the truth about past relationships, those that have been toxic, and those that require more balance between giving and doing is essential. Judgment is a low vibrational energy.  It lowers our energy frequency. Coming back into right relationship requires compassion for ourselves and others, honoring who we are, who they are and where each of us is on our on our life journey.

 See through illusion.
Use your intuition and hold loving energy, which is about honoring you being in your wholeness. Stand firm in the truth of who you are and call others to stand in their truth.
Love needs to be interwoven with truth.
Love and truth support us to be in right harmony, right balance, and right relationship.

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