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Community Practitioners at Balancing 4 Life

Meet our community practitioners and enjoy their offerings. Our programs help you shift your energy, restore inner balance, and discover a new sense of inner harmony, health, and well-being naturally.  We are building a community of conscious souls who are thriving and rediscovering joy in every day.  Live life empowered, confident and joyfully experiencing your passion. 


  Colin McPhillamy has been a professional astrologer for 10 years following a full career as an actor on stage in theatres around the world.  Born in England, Colin has always been fascinated with the stars and planets. He has a private practice in Pleasantville.  Private readings can be booked at:


BEMER Leadership and Practitioners

BEMER USA National Group Leaders: Rick and Carol have been with BEMER for over 7 years and sold me my first BEMER.. I am proud to be a member of their BEMER team.  As part of the BEMER USA leadership team Rick and Carol are striving to educate the public on the benefits of BEMER and how it can improve your life.  Rick Gabrielly is a passionate husband, father, author, co-host of podcast. “The Road Ahead Cafe”, Area Director and Growth & Development Advisor to Regional Board of Master Networks of NY/CT and publicity visionary for Scarsdale Dental Spa & Wellness. His limitless enthusiasm, love of technology, energy medicine, and exploration of improving health naturally inspires and motivates others.

Psychic Channeling and Mediumship

SOUL SYNCHRONICITY with Jessica LawrencePsychic medium, Jessica Lawrence offers oracle card and Akashic Record readings, Past Life Regression and Etheric Chord Cutting for relationships.  Her experience as a medium enables Jessica to connect with your ancestors and bring forth messages.  She performs group readings for “An Evening with Spirit”  regularly as well as 1:1 sessions through Balancing 4 Life, LLC.

Go to: Private Sessions with Jessica  to schedule your appointment or call 914-946-6813



      Evidential Medium, Krista Stanley, PhD. offers group readings for “An Evening with Spirit” .  Krista  enjoys working with the “crossover curious”.  She is able to connect you with a loved one who has passed or to get clarity and resolve unfinished issues.

Krista has an office in Katonah and is more than happy to work with you 1:1 there. Her website is

To book a private session contact Krista at:



Shamanic Healing, Drumming Circles and Medicine Wheel Teachings with Scott Nelson

Scott Nelson, whose native name is Spirit Keeper Brother, uses the elements along with your animal totems and his intuitive skills to visually guide you on a journey to identify, unlock,  and heal shadow aspects within that are limiting your ability to live your best life. Get guidance from Nature signs with Scott for your future direction and personal happiness.

Medicine Wheel teachings are taught in the Anishinaabe tradition.  These are progressive teachings that provide a philosophical understanding of our interconnectedness to Great Spirit and All That Is. Learn to honor and respect all of creation and how to maintain balance with it. The Medicne Wheel offers a comprehensive guide for living a balanced and harmonious life.

Sound Healers


Lana Arus

Heal with the harmonius sounds of hammered 7 metal singing bowls expertly played by certified sound healer, Lana Arus, to align your chakras and restore energy flow and inner harmony.



SOUL SYNCHRONICITY with Jessica Lawrence    Jessica Lawrence offers in-person healing sessions with energy, toning and tuning forks. Using this                   unique combination of energy modalities, Jessica is able to help you release emotional                                           energies that are “stuck” in your body.  She has been doing this work for 25 years.




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