April – Coming Into Alignment

Coming Into Alignment

Beginning Sunday, April 2nd to April 13th, billions of people in Christian and Jewish traditions will turn their focus to God and the spirit realm, creating a unique shift in the Collective energy. As Patricia Cota-Robles of Era of Peace describes, this focus “creates a significant Collective Cup of Consciousness, literally a Holy Grail.”  We become more receptive to receiving the blessings of the Universe. The energy of Palm Sunday, the Passover Full Moon on April 6th, and Easter Sunday on April 9th will be an extraordinary opening for a greater influx of light for all humanity regardless of their spiritual beliefs. Our capacity to receive the benefits of this light depends on our alignment, our heart-mind coherence, and inner harmony.
Stormy weather and shocking events have been dominating the headlines lately. There is a mix of highs and lows globally as people react to waves of energy circulating the planet. You may be feeling physically, emotionally, and mentally tired from this chaotic collective energy. The influx of light in April is bringing light to the shadow areas in our lives where more healing is needed as well as equal measures of joy. Feelings of gratitude, presence, peace, and more space to breathe will be available now as we move through April.
It is important to stay in flow and to be open.  Grace is an important element to bring into our hearts as part of the process of manifestation.  Rather than trying to force something to happen, allow for grace as you set your intentions for what you want to create. Be mindful of your language, habits, actions, and behaviors that may be interfering with your ability to bring your intentions into reality. Is your mindset in alignment with your heart’s desire?  Trust that everything is here to support your fullest expression.  You only need to listen and be open to your intuition. Remember your intentions are meant to create more joy in your life.
Be observant by allowing messages we need to hear and see to arrive in and around us. Take time for stilling the mind: meditation, automatic writing, being in nature, etc.  Allow time for “being” rather than “doing.”  As humans, we are very good at doing.  We connect to the spirit realm by being.  It is time to reclaim your intuition. We have all been trained for lifetimes to dismiss it. Messages and messengers are everywhere and arrive in many different forms. Many guides are always around us. Pay attention to how spirit speaks to you and what is going on around you through other people, events, stories, numerology, etc.
Coming into alignment means allowing our bodies to be the bridge between our infinite, eternal being and our finite life on Earth. Our energy centers, commonly called chakras, are designed to work in harmony. When one chakra becomes depleted or another is overpowering, we become imbalanced and lack the awareness to act from a grounded, centered core. Your focus is key. Staying in peace in your inner world, will diffuse the chaos in the outer world.  The Collective energy is affected by what each of us does individually with our personal energy. Our ability to come into alignment supports others to do the same. We must change from within first before we can witness change in our outer world.

Breathe and bring your energy down into your heart space. Developing heart mind coherence allows you to work as a unified multi-dimensional energetic being who can intuitively direct their life with the guidance they receive from spirit for their highest good. Through stillness we connect to the portal within our hearts where we access the infinite nature of our soul. Creating a balance of your time between your inner and outer worlds will allow you to be in flow and share your inner light.  When you are in alignment, you are a powerful being of light.  

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