March-Choose Your Path Forward

Open to New Beginnings
with March Full Moon

March and April are opening months to new energies.  March is a Universal “1” month numerologically signaling new beginnings. We are stepping through a doorway of awareness and moving forward energetically with the approach of Spring. Humanity will be “leaping” into new ways of being this year. No one will stay the same. Now is a pivotal time for organization and increasing your efficiency. The days of the Spring Equinox March 20 to 22nd are days for important lifestyle decisions for home, health, career and relationships.

The early days of March will continue to bring awareness upgrades and clarity. Expect to have more psychic and visionary energy that will guide you to identify areas of your life where you will want to take action.  Reconnect with your intuitive self.  Your Higher Self will provide more clarity to move forward to become more of your True self over the coming months. tion to heal your personal imbalances on a physical, mental and emotional level and to love yourself without judgment.  People are more sensitive to the needs of others around healing.  Allow love in from other people, other sources including Balancing 4 Life programs to restore your inner harmony.  Allowing is an open state of peace which is an indicator of your openness to elevated solutions, creativity and a higher understanding.

There will be fiery energy on the world stage and in social media.  Create peace in your internal system while fiery change energy and drama swirls around in your outer world.  Maintain your neutrality knowing that this fiery energy is revealing imbalances in others. Through neutrality, all is possible. In a neutral state we are able to let go of what no longer serves. As you surrender to your eternal nature, new potentials become available.

      Become a Lighthouse

When we heal ourselves, our hearts become full and we become a magnet for others to raise their frequency.  Be compassionate not empathic.  HOLD your frequency.  As you become a beacon for others, you will help counterbalance the controlling, bullying, authoritarian energies on the planet because you are living in a more harmonic way.  This will create positive change. 

                         Your Safety Net
Community, friendships and mentors are important resources now to assist you in maintaining clarity during these transformative times and to receive encouragement as you journey to become more fully expressed as your True Self.  Reactivate friendships and lean on the wisdom of community and Nature to guide you. While each of our journeys are unique, a human safety net offers reassurance. We are loved beyond measure for our courage to be way-showers on the planet at this critical time. The creative potentials are amazing! 

A Year of Soul Re-Connection

Your Inner Child
Holds the Beauty of Your Soul

Free the beauty of your soul’s light and creativity.  Years of unconscious habits and patterns can end when we raise our awareness of past judgments and fear.

Awareness is your Super Power!

When you notice your beliefs, emotions and feelings you gain awareness of old programming. Awareness is the precursor to change,   Show your “Inner Child” the following:

– NO permission is required to be yourself.
-YOU were born worthy.
-Your LIGHT is a unique gift to the world.
-There is NO separation from Spirit.
Everything is sacred! You are part of the One Energy.

Freedom arises as soon as you accept that you have the
right to be YOU!  No more judgment.  Celebrate your uniqueness. You will experience a subtle inner happiness radiating from your heart as your Inner Child feels the density of fear dissolving away.

Love the Light that you are.  You will feel more at “home” in your body because you are no longer judging yourself or feeling as if you need to live up to some standard or to play small to avoid recrimination.  Give yourself permission to joyfully be you.

Achieve a new, higher level of being and inner peace with new  Balancing 4 Life programs to help you shift your vibration to a new level of empowered living.  Align with more of your Soul Self.  Come to an understanding of the energy of your relationships, past and present and welcome opportunities to create a new reality – your future.  Be in the present moment with your awareness and perception of your Inner Child’s experience. You will rediscover the beauty of your Soul!

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