September - Finding balance within requires loving attention to align to the truth of who you are with courage so that you can have the clarity and wisdom to make choices that reflect your most authentic Self. Holding this core vibration in the midst of September's chaoes will bring balance that will invite others to do the same.


September – Finding Balance – Choosing You

Autumn leaves 

Imbalance comes before moving forward. It is a necessary part of change.  There is no separation between beginnings and endings.  This is the process of creation.  Humanity has been in a growing state of imbalance for many decades as we prepare to step forward into a new age.  The imbalances we are feeling now are connected to the elegant solution of balance that is in the future. We have outgrown the old systems that no longer serve the world we live in today.  Our “growing pains” come with conscious awareness that we want live in a world that is kinder, more just, and gives us the freedom to be our true selves.  Momentum is moving us forward rapidly now.  We are seeking a new level of balance.

When the Loving Ones live boldly, that is when the world will change. ~ Anonymous

September is bringing intense power clashes as observed in American politics, in Ukraine and Russia and being witnessed environmentally by wildfires, floods and extreme weather patterns.  Virgo energies (Aug. 21- Sept. 21) invite us to organize, to become more efficient and to make discerning choices that support our true Selves. Waves of healing and deeper awakening are likely outcomes as we gain clarity and have courage to take responsibility for the choices we make for ourselves.  Everyone benefits when we improve ourselves.  And, when we raise our vibration, we extend a hand for others to do the same and match us.

“Courage is the price that Life extracts for granting peace.” – Amelia Earhart  

September events will show the full spectrum of Heart Heat as volatile energies increase. Healing the extreme polarity in our society requires compassion, acceptance and love, rather than more judgmental thinking, anger, violence or war. Healing is about coming together not in spite of, but rather in celebration of our differences.  We are observing a growing collective of new young leaders who are focusing on equanimity in the presence of chaos.  Their loving resolve for the future welfare of constituents will win the hearts and minds of those open to change.  Love will dissolve lower vibrational energies of fear which use force, manipulation, intimidation, and hatred. The Light of Truth (Love is Truth) not only reveals shadowy miscreations and self-serving misdeeds but opens our eyes to see that by embracing diversity, we honor freedom for all humanity.

“Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.” – the  14th Dalai Lama

Our natural state is Joy.  Gratitude is the doorway to joy and love.  Gratitude allows us to return to the present moment from wherever our mind has taken us.  Living with gratitude is our antidote to the poison of anger and worry.  Reiki students learn how gratitude opens the heart as we focus on appreciating our blessings. By sustaining love, gratitude, kindness and acceptance whenever possible as our home vibrational frequency, we can avoid being distracted by the drama around us.  Our most important choice is to show up as the best version of ourselves if we want to create the best version of our lives.

Are you ready to Be more?  You are a unique creation and the world needs to see your Light!

The retrograde energies of Mercury and 5 other planets this month provide the opportunity to go within to find peace of mind. Your personal clarity is essential to creating the claim of what is True for you.  Did you know that once something becomes a belief, it lives within you in your cells?  You have dominion over your beliefs including the ones you’ve accepted from your parents, teachers and others.

  The degree to which you invest in brokenness and victimhood is the degree to which you deny yourself as your own authority.

How you perceive determines whether you are reactive or creative. You can take charge and change your beliefs at any moment when you discover those old beliefs are denying the Truth of who you are. With intention, you can correct imbalances, let go of old emotional energies and beliefs so you can open to an unknown future of infinite possibilities. This will create a new balance.  Don’t settle for anything less than becoming true to your most authentic Self.  It’s time to Choose You with conscious choices!  

September energies will support greater activation of the right brain for creativity, more conceptual focus and expansion of your psychic abilities and intuition. We are moving from fear-based reactivity to more conscious imprinting to impact our future.  Our ability to hold our focus on the truth of who we are and what we want to create is vital to forward moment.

Seek opportunities to deepen your intuitive abilities.

  • Establish a mindful practice of daily connecting to your body with your breath every morning,
  • Connect to your guides daily.
  • Meditate regularly to improve your ability to quiet your mind.
  • Use automatic writing/journaling to help you connect to your higher Self.
  • Be in Nature and free your mind.
  • Do Reiki self-treatments or come in for Reiki to open you to a deeper sense of Self. Gain clarity and connect to your heart.
  • Decide to learn Reiki this fall. Discover your innate healing potential and begin to embody the secret art of inviting happiness through by adopting it’s principles as a way of life.

September may start off rocky but with the coming Fall Equinox and strengthening Libra energies of balance and harmony will bring a turning of the tide towards peace. Be sure to check out the upcoming events happening at Balancing 4 Life this month.  There is something for everyone.