Happy Summer Solstice!

A Year of Soul Re-Connection

Your Inner Child
Holds the Beauty of Your Soul

Free the beauty of your soul’s light and creativity.  Years of unconscious habits and patterns can end when we raise our awareness of past judgments and fear.

Awareness is your Super Power!

When you notice your beliefs, emotions and feelings you gain awareness of old programming. Awareness is the precursor to change.  Tell your “Inner Child” the following:

– NO permission is required to be yourself.
-YOU were born worthy.
-Your LIGHT is a unique gift to the world.
-There is NO separation from Spirit.
Everything is sacred! You are part of the One Energy.

LOVE the INNER YOU – the most precious part of you!

Freedom arises as soon as you accept that you have the
right to be YOU!  No more judgment.  Celebrate your uniqueness. You will experience a subtle inner happiness radiating from your heart as your Inner Child feels the density of fear dissolving away.

Love the Light that you are.  You will feel more at “home” in your body because you are no longer judging yourself or feeling as if you need to live up to some standard or to play small to avoid recrimination.  Give yourself permission to joyfully be you.

Achieve a new, higher level of being and inner peace with new  Balancing 4 Life programs to help you shift your vibration to a new level of empowered living.  Align with more of your Soul Self.  Come to an understanding of the energy of your relationships, past and present and welcome opportunities to create a new reality – your future.

It all begins in the present moment with your awareness and perception of your Inner Child’s experience and rediscovering the beauty of your Soul!

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 Summer is officially here today, June 21st.  Enjoy the brilliance of the light on this longest day of the year.   Light carries the highest vibratory frequency of creation from the Universe. Reiki carries the energy of that frequency as well. I would like to share with you the key invisible benefit that underlies all of what Reiki does.

Life is precious. YOUR LIFE is invaluable. And, even though you may think that you are only one among billions of people on the planet, you make a difference!  HOW? Through your energy that you broadcast everyday via your thoughts and feelings.

Science has now proven that ALL LIFE, is connected through a field of energy – on planet Earth and throughout the Universe. That seems mind boggling! But you influence everyone around you with the energy you are broadcasting – good or bad.

The secret invisible benefit of Reiki is that it raises your vibration, and uplifts your energy so that anyone around you will also benefit from your beautiful energy.  As the deep relaxation you experience with Reiki detoxifies physical, emotional and mental distress, it raises your vibrational frequency allowing the body to return to a more harmonious state of function and well-being.

As an occupational therapist working in a school setting, faculty often commented on how they felt better just being around me.  Students loved coming to OT.  Yes, I did engage them in fun activities. But it was also the Reiki energy that I was broadcasting effortlessly.

I can honestly say that Reiki has changed my life by giving me tools to live in the present moment more consistently than when I was younger.  It is not just the flow of Reiki energy that lifts students but also the principles of Reiki that give you a powerful roadmap for living life filled with more peace and happiness.

This is what I wish for you this summer.  Join me in July and Shihan Jan Mizushima in August for a summer that will change your life.  Reiki will open so many doors for you. The invisible benefits of Reiki are waiting for you!

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