Co-Creation Energy -Evolving with the Light

A Year of Soul Re-Connection

Your Inner Child
Holds the Beauty of Your Soul

Free the beauty of your soul’s light and creativity.  Years of unconscious habits and patterns can end when we raise our awareness of past judgments and fear.

Awareness is your Super Power!

When you notice your beliefs, emotions and feelings you gain awareness of old programming. Awareness is the precursor to change.  Tell your “Inner Child” the following:

– NO permission is required to be yourself.
-YOU were born worthy.
-Your LIGHT is a unique gift to the world.
-There is NO separation from Spirit.
Everything is sacred! You are part of the One Energy.

LOVE the INNER YOU – the most precious part of you!

Freedom arises as soon as you accept that you have the
right to be YOU!  No more judgment.  Celebrate your uniqueness. You will experience a subtle inner happiness radiating from your heart as your Inner Child feels the density of fear dissolving away.

Love the Light that you are.  You will feel more at “home” in your body because you are no longer judging yourself or feeling as if you need to live up to some standard or to play small to avoid recrimination.  Give yourself permission to joyfully be you.

Achieve a new, higher level of being and inner peace with new  Balancing 4 Life programs to help you shift your vibration to a new level of empowered living.  Align with more of your Soul Self.  Come to an understanding of the energy of your relationships, past and present and welcome opportunities to create a new reality – your future.

It all begins in the present moment with your awareness and perception of your Inner Child’s experience and rediscovering the beauty of your Soul!

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Stone staircase                                                  

June has brought fast moving, intense energies.  People are shifting careers and lifestyles, reorganizing their lives as the long pandemic ebbs with the summer weather.   Businesses continue to offer hybrid models as people resist returning to the office. How are you moving about these days?

 What are you doing different than a few months ago?

 More and more people are becoming aware of the mess or the “revolutionary energy” we are living in these days. Continue to be mindful of what you expose yourself to on a daily basis.  

   How much news are you watching?  

Catch the headlines, but let the rest go.  Better to keep yourself centered. Take a break. Breathe. Meditate. Let your mind get quiet. Shift your energy when you notice there is too much energy in your head and you are becoming anxious. Have gratitude for all the blessings you have in your life.  Keep good boundaries for your emotional and mental health. Doing these suggestions will allow you to be more available for others.

Honor the needs of your physical body. 

Sleep more. Stay hydrated. Eat healthy. Exercise and move more. Ground by walking directly on the Earth for regular health and healing. Feel the cool grass or the warm sand under your feet. Restore your energetic balance by sitting or a park bench or under the shade of a large tree for lunch. Pause to notice the movements of the wind through the trees, the birds, insects or small animals nearby. These moments of silent observation, even if only for 10 minutes, will bring you back to the present moment. Nature rebalances our energy field by neutralizing the buildup of free radicals and artificial EMFs from electronics which can disrupt our natural energy fields, our ability to get healing sleep and cellular communication.

Tomorrow, June 14th will be a Super Full Moon in Sagittarius (seeker of truth). Nicknamed a “strawberry moon” by some indigenous tribes, this moon marks the June harvesting of strawberries. While much has happened in the last lunar month with mass shootings, we know that chaos is the crucible for change. On the heels of protests by 40,000 in DC and other major cities around our nation on Saturday, a large bipartisan group of 20 senators announced an agreement on new gun control legislation giving hope for the first major piece of legislation in decades.  Expect more secrets to be revealed with this bright moon.

Fear can either be a catalyst for change stimulating us to find higher solutions or it can paralyze and control us. Fear, other than a natural survival instinct is man-made for controlling others.  The Ego uses fear to keep us safe and to remain in the past.  The present moment holds all the Unknown potentials of the future.

    What do you want to create?

    How can you create more joy in your life? 

As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. suggested, “You don’t need to see the entire staircase.  Just take the first step.”  Choose to move forward. Create with love not fear. When you take responsibility for your thoughts, you can direct your energy towards creating a new reality.  The key is to focus on what you would like to have rather than to complain about what isn’t working.

Stonehenge Solstice

 As we move towards the longest light of the year at the Summer Solstice on the 21st, we can celebrate the power of Light to dismantle that which is broken, to transform the old, and help us evolve individually and collectively.  We are here to learn to create. Light creates through love. Truth is light.  More truth is being revealed every day. 

Co-creating new solutions elevates us and all life. The Universe is watching what humanity does.  Embrace your co-creative power with every thought you think. Change begins within but effects the whole. We are part of the whole. One planet, One Universe.