Your Energy Matters Everyday

You are part of a greater whole


                       YOUR ENERGY MATTERS EVERYDAY

 As powerful weather systems sweep across the US, we feel an unpredictability playing out in multiple ways besides the weather. This includes Ukraine, the Olympics, changing mandate policies, vacillating levels of omicron cases, etc. More truths are being uncovered every week.  February is bringing new possibilities to move forward differently as omicron cases decrease and we look hopefully towards a more socially engaging spring.

 There is a special numerological significance to 2-2-2022, 2-20-2022 and 2-22-2022.  “2” is the most grounded number as you consider its shape.  It has a curved feminine quality and a solid foundation for building a new future.  These dates signal the opening of the Aquarian gateway, an energy portal which has been anticipated by many since 2012.  “22” is a master number known as the master builder.  With additional 2’s, it becomes magnified 1,000 fold.  So, what does this mean for you?  Unprecedented opportunities are available for collaboration, working together in community with each other.  But we must choose this higher vibration rather than the lower expression of resistance to change by maintain the status quo.

 Your are important in contributing to world change.  The recent New Moon on 2/16 symbolizes the push towards the needs of the whole by changing our perspective as individuals in becoming more compassionate, kinder, sharing our resources, helping others. Change begins from within by acknowledging our worthiness and everyone else’s as well.  We all belong here and are a part of One Energy, entangled in an ever expanding Universe.

 In astrology the long awaited Pluto Return in Capricorn for the US natal chart from 1776 occurs exactly on 2-22-2022.  As a planet signifying revolution and transformation, Pluto provides the opportunity for redefining our democracy, our economy and banking systems, education and social values over the coming years.  Changes in leadership to the next generation are coming. Pluto signals an end of wealthy plutocratic control and changing political agendas for the 2022 and 2024 elections.

 A clarion call for truth, love, respect, freedom of choice and justice has been rising globally and growing through the pandemic and we have had the opportunity to reassess our personal values and goals. The energy you broadcast with your words and actions does affect the Collective Mind. Be present. Connect with your heart. Practice kindness, Make more eye contact with strangers. Spend more time in Nature. The best way to manage the uneasiness of the unknown and unpredictability of these next few years is to slow down, not speed up. Breathe, listen, observe the energy you are taking in and the energy of others you are receiving.  Create healthy boundaries so that you can continue to radiate love and compassion for yourself and others. Each of us is responsible for the reality we create and it begins with our thoughts and feelings. Put your heart, your feelings behind your imagination and set some beautiful intentions  every day as we move towards the Spring Equinox on March 20th.  You are planting seeds for change. See and live the change as if it is already here.  That is the true secret of manifestation and conscious creation.  Be well.