A New Foundation

A New Foundation


                              BUILDING INNER STRENGTH

Welcome to a most amazing year – 2022.  It is a “6” Universal year which signifies harmony, balance, beauty, hope and love. “6” is harmony and it is a also a number that is pregnant with new ideas.  A new frequency and a new foundation is being laid in 2022. Listening to the intelligence of your heart will guide you to self-mastery.

Mastery begins within. Self-care remains essential during these unprecedented times. Find nurturing connections and be aware of synchronicities and other openings of intuition. Your inner power is a main focus this year.  Developing inner strength will empower you to hold the higher octave of what you want to create for yourself this year and beyond. Think about which relationships you choose to keep and others that no longer serve your greatest good. 2022 is a year of big decisions, finding your voice and rebirthing of your soul power both personally and collectively.

January will start slowly this year in part due to the Omicron virus.  Spend January getting clear on what you want.  Consider these questions from energy intuitive, Lee Harris:

“What do I want to let go of from 2021?”
“What do I want to call in for myself in 2022?”

We are each feeling a bit of melancholy and grief now as the pandemic lags on because the world we knew in 2019 is gone. We are heading into a period of quantum leaps over the next few years in terms of world events, societal changes and more climate change events. 2022 to 2025 will bring great transformational energy which you can harness to become more fully expressed in your life by showing up and using your voice. Collaboration and community are important aspects of the new energy rising that will enable you to create in a group or team rather than solo.

By the second week of February energy will begin to gain momentum. All planets will be stationed direct.  As the Omicron virus recedes, everyone will begin to feel like they can engage and socialize more safely. Several powerful astrological events in 2022 will add to the transformational nature of 2022 individually and nationally.  Leadership roles and redefining our democratic freedoms will affect the future of our country and have world ramifications.

Begin 2022 with curiosity about what you can create.  As you shift and strengthen your soul connection, you will subconsciously effect everyone around you because you will be changing your energy. Make 2022 the year you discover “Empowered Living” – living with spiritual strength for being in the world with love and community.