With Compassion We Rise

The Touch of Compassion 


 As Thanksgiving recedes in the rear view mirror, we being the season of Light with the celebrations of Hannukah, Christmas and Kwanzaa. Light brings possibility and opportunity to a world burdened by polarization, poverty, an unrelenting pandemic and crumbling social and cultural systems that are failing to sustain our society in the 21st century.  We are urgently trying to right a badly tilted ship. Our attitudes must shift from “either-or” to “we” and “us”. The light of this season is bringing an opportunity for change as it sheds light on all our miscreations.

The chaos of our present time is by design. Change arises out of chaos. Through our free will we have the opportunity to transform our world away from old paradigms that favored a few over the needs of the many to new societial structures providing opportunities for all and which value the quality of character over wealth.  A new attitude shift is required to accept responsibility for our past actions, feelings and beliefs and the willingness to work together to create solutions that will serve the greater good and not merely the desires of a few. No one is a victim.  Our reality is a byproduct of our thoughts and our acquiesence to the status quo.

As I mentioned last month, we are in the midst of 40 powerful days from 11/11/21 to 12/21/21 and are about to experience a powerful Solar Eclipse this coming Saturday, Dec. 4th with a New Moon of Sagittarius. While the eclipse will only be visible over Antartica, New Zealand, Austrailia, South America and other area countries of similar latitude, the energy will be felt globally. This Solar Eclipse is asking us to let go of those old paradigms and to create powerful new intentions for the world we would like to create. Sagittarius’s archer symbol is aiming its arrow towards the future. The intentions you set now will have long lasting effects. Eclipses typically have an expanded influence extending out 6 months. What would you like your reality to look like in June 2022?

When asked what is the force that holds the Universe together, a Tibetan Buddhist monk told Gregg Braden, it was compassion.  Compassion is not only a feeling but a force.  It is something we all have the capacity to feel in our hearts.  Compassion or “shinsetsu” is the fifth Reiki principle. It arises naturally as we fill our hearts with love for ourselves and others after we have learned the first 4 principles. Learning Reiki enables you to embody these principles and become brighter light in the world.

When we are moved to offer compassion for another human being, the energy of our compassion becomes a force that can lift another human being out of the depths of despair, sorrow, pain, depression or loneliness. A person acting out of compassion can offset thousands of people who are emitting low frequencies of fear, scarcity, greed, jealous, anger, etc. said Dr. David R. Hawkins, in his book, Power vs. Force, To have compassion for oneself and all of mankind is essential for the advancement of human consciousness. Compassion is the energy for positive change in this world.

These are the times you asked to be born for. You intended to be here so you can contribute your light to the creation of a new world that will one day become “Heaven on Earth”.  Your light is needed. Humanity wants change. This is the beginning. Show up and Be the Light that you want to see in the world. Live with compassion.