October’s Pivotal Energies


October greetings.  Cooler crisp air is on the way as we move towards the last weeks of October.  More autumn colors will be appearing. October is a “6” Universal month 1+0+2+0+2+1 = 6.  The lessons of the number “6” are all connected to the heart.  Balance, beauty and harmony are highlighted during October and this is very relationship-oriented along with creativity and making decisions that are true to your heart and soul.  October energies give us a glimpse into 2022 which is also a Universal “6” year!  We will be living more authentically in 2022.

Consider October as a pivotal month for change.  All of the re-examination and re-evaluation we have done during the last year and a half during the pandemic has led us to the final three months of 2021. We are moving from an energy of introspection to an energy of action by the end of the month. Internal shifts leads to external changes. Many people will be just emerging from the chrysalis this fall. Breakthroughs will happen during these last few months of 2021. We are still in very messy times.  Stay open to positivity, creativity and potentials. 

October is about setting healthy boundaries and to create greater freedom for us to be our authentic selves.  The goal is to be able to embody more of our True Self or our Higher Self into our human form and not allow the personality self/the ego to run the show. We are much more than the limited ego which desires to create a safe 3-D future based on the past. Creating healthy boundaries allows for more authentic expression of our True nature which is multi-dimensional.

Personal boundaries come from awareness.  Boundaries are often thought of as barriers and a way to keep others out.  Instead, I encourage you to adopt a new perspective. You will develop healthier personal boundaries as you continue to develop awareness.  Do awareness checks. Ask yourself. “How am I doing?” How are you experiencing the world every day?  Are you remaining or becoming unconscious by being around people who bring you down?  What is your level of emotional awareness and emotional intelligence?  What is your level of interactivity with others?  Are you keeping yourself isolated? Are you feeling shy in your efforts to reconnect? We are all going through upgrades in our relationships. It is time to change some of your patterns of how you show up for others. How do you observe yourself?  What are you feeling?  Personal awareness is essential!

Now is the time to plug back into possibility and creativity.  Create boundaries with love not fear!  Relationships are a big theme this month, personal as well as work relationships. We have had more than enough time to realize what is working and what is not working in our lives. October’s challenge is to take action on our discoveries to give ourselves the freedom to speak and act more authentically in every moment.  We need to stay open to the higher energies and not just the 3-D challenges of our times. Relationships are most difficult around family members, fellow employees or a boss you see regularly.  It is important to balance your needs in relation to the needs of others.  Tune into your heart.  You have the ability to choose the amount of time you spend near people whose energy you find discordant.  If you don’t agree with someone, giving voice to your truth will both be freeing for you and allow you to sustain your alignment with your authentic Self.

As you create boundaries to support yourself, you may begin to create new relationships that are in resonance with your highest expression.  Allow yourself time to flow between quiet introspection to recharge those batteries before engaging with others.  Spending more time outdoors will do wonders. In October the boundaries you set will enable you to be more successful in the outer world because you are honoring your inner world. 

Everything you see in your reality is a reflection of your inner world. 

October is a month to create and release. Incredible polarization is present at this time.  Sudden shifts and epiphanies may occur in your life as you allow energies to move through you.  You will discover a clarity that will lead you to make changes in your life with relationships in both personal and work environments.  What do you want to create and release this month?  October is a powerful month to help you move towards manifestation of what you would like to create in your life moving forward.  By the end of October we will receive a boost of cosmic energy for outward manifestation and forward movement as planets station direct. Get ready for an exciting finish to 2021!!

This month I have realized my dream of opening my healing practice in a permanent space in Pleasantville, NY.  I have manifested this space by defining and envisioning energetically and feeling with my heart the ideal space I would like to have my practice.  I released any need to remain where I had been located for the last 14 months. Maintaining positivity and trust that it would happen and taking action to actively move towards my goal, I finally realized it by signing a lease in September.  I welcome everyone to visit this new space for community wellness at 25 Broadway, Suite 101, Pleasantville, NY.  Let me help you create healthier boundaries so you can open to your full potential and greater personal happiness.