Energy of Change and Transformation

Welcome to September 2021. This is a Universal 5 month (0+9+2+0+2+1) = 14; 1+ 4 = 5.  We are also in a Universal year 2+0+2+1=5.  In numerology 5 means change. We move forward while also keeping an eye on where we have been.  2021 is a year of decisions.  Volatile weather patterns this summer with Henrie and Ida have brought torrential rains, and devastation in many southern states as well as in NJ and NY. Change is everywhere. Some people have lost everything, others have died. With all the drama from hurricane Ida, Afghanistan, politics etc. there are many emotional upheavals swirling around us. All events are breaking down the walls of our hearts to the resistance we have had to change. Many souls are leaving the planet now.  My dear friend, music teacher, sound healer and shaman, Kathy Shelhart, just passed away on Sunday, 9/05. I will deeply miss her as I prepare for the future. Trust that transformation is for your highest good. 
Flexibility is essential these days to allow for the highest changes to occur.  We cannot control the outcome of everything.  The ego is trying to control your reality for safety. It is important to find a balance between heart and mind. September’s Virgo energy encourages us to go within. Tending to our heart space and being present in the moment is the best way to live. Trust, faith, and hope are essential right now.  Change can be scary because we are being forced to move out of our comfort zone.  You may feel frustrated by the numerous delays and constant changes.  The Delta variant and debates over vaccinations and mask mandates change weekly from state to state as large numbers of unvaccinated people fill some hospitals to capacity.  Elective surgeries for heart or orthopedic conditions are being postponed. 
Despite how gloomy some things may seem now, trust that the potential for a better future is available for you. Trust that everything that needs to happen for you, will happen.  This is a dynamic time.  Each of us needs to focus on what we want to create rather than to be consumed by fear.  Fear only feeds more fear.  Energy always follows thought.  It’s a Universal law.  Your life, your reality is dependent on your ability to direct your thoughts and your words to create the future you desire. Stay focused and dream your vision into reality.  Be positive and create your future.
Remember that all energy is one. We are not separate from the Source of creation. It is our resistance, our fear of change that stops our progress and gives us the illusion that we are separate.  Love is the core energy of all creation.  I have often said that Reiki is the energy of Love. Chiyoko Yamaguchi Sensei said, “Reiki is compassion in action”. Compassion is the highest form of love because it is unconditional.  Using Reiki for self-treatment is an excellent way to re-balance, raise your vibration and maintain the flow of your life force energy during these unsettling times. When you give Reiki to another, you help them do likewise.
This is the season of Virgo.  Virgo is about change.  Schools start. Leaves begin to change color. Virgo is very practical. The New Moon in Virgo on Tuesday, 9/6 encourages us to begin a new cycle and create healthy habits. During times of change it is paramount to nourish and sustain yourself.  Healthy habits provide the energy to thrive during uncertain times. Get more sleep. Create a regular exercise routine. Virgo separates the wheat from the chaff.  Define what is most authentically you.  Clean up your clutter.  Get organized.  Give away clothes you no longer wear in your closet. Do you have an extra coat you don’t need?  You will be amazed how your energy will shift.
When you allow yourself to be in flow, to let go of the grip of wanting to control of everything or how you feel everything is supposed to be, you will find yourself more in flow.  This is a massive transformation happening all over the globe. Not just in the United States.  We lift others when we send them love. Everyone is at a different place on their journey.  Do not fear. Don’t get angry over the injustices you see around you.  Instead, send love to raise the energy.
Tune into your body’s wisdom.  What feels right?  You have the courage to be strong during these unpredictable times. Your body will never lie to you. Move into your heart space to discern what no longer feels good around relationships, careers and where you live.  Ask only “Yes” or “No” questions to connect with your intuition. The better you are at asking your body for intuitive answers, the better you will move forward on the best path for you.

Human Pendulum Exercise:   Standing or sitting: Ask a simple test question for which you know the correct answer such as your name, age, sex, birthday month. Then ask a second question for which you know the answer is no.  Feel the difference between the sensations.   A “Yes” answer will cause you to lean forward and feel open. “No” answers are contracting and will pull you onto your heels or lean backwards. Trust the sensations you feel.  You are using your body as a human pendulum. Move onto asking anything that can be answered with a “yes “or “no”. Such as “Is it in my highest and best interest to….?”   Your body always knows.


Be courageous as you step out of your comfort zone this month and follow your heart.