Destiny’s Door – Open to Transformation

Destiny’s Door – Open to Transformation   

10 Tips to Raise Your Consciousness

We have all heard the phrases when “the stars are all aligned” or “it is written in the stars”. There is much to be excited about for the remainder of 2021 and into 2022 if you follow astrology. But even if you don’t, just know that there is a tremendous amount of cosmic support for human evolution. We are not alone. The Universe is watching with great interest as we progress through this evolutionary shift.  As we rise, all of creation rises with us. Why? Because the energy of the Universe is all connected.

Get excited. Huge amounts of creation and innovation energy are ready to be birthed. The long lockdown has given artists, musicians and scientists much time to think and create!  A new generation of babies will be emerging and an older generation will be defining itself as a result of this pandemic experience. As cultures mix, new ideas emerge and cooperation grows.  A new renaissance lies just below the horizon of time. More and more people are and will be opening to a greater awareness of themselves and discarding old ego reactionary survival habits. You will witness this in yourself and others. More acceptance, kindness and compassion for self and others is becoming evident collectively. The rise of consciousness is a slow awakening process to the reality that all Life is interconnected. 

July’s door to the second half of 2021 has opened.  Summer is a wonderful time for each of us to begin to transform our inner landscape of who we are. You will have more success connecting to your inner guidance. Listen for the loud whispers of your intuition. Trust that your external world will shift to meet your new inner vibrational frequency.

Transformation happens when we alter our perspectives of how we see Life. Transformation is moving forward.  Healing is moving back to our original human blueprint before emotional conflicts arose. Reiki supports both healing and transformation. Do self Reiki treatments daily, come in for Reiki sessions or sign up to learn Reiki for yourself and your family.  Embodying the principles of the Reiki Gokai supports our ability to be more conscious. The Gokai enables the mind to evolve beyond the reactionary ego.

Your destiny is not fate but the opportunity to realize your True Potential.  Where you choose to stand makes all the difference in your view. Do you want to see Life from the valleys of separation and duality where survival instincts rule or would you rather view Life from the mountain top where you can see the entire forest of possibilities and opportunities available through use of your intuition and insights? From the top you meet Life as it is, not as a reflection of what you think it is.

Since 2012, the world has been shifting with increasing speed to move away from fixed perspectives that divide us from one another.  As a collective we decided many years ago that we no longer wanted to destroy ourselves but chose to evolve to a cooperative way of living together in unity.  We have the ability to create long lasting peace if we can avoid the urge for conflict.

Lies, deceptions and manipulation have been tools to keep old systems in place and avoid change. It is driven by fear of the unknown and a disconnection from the abundance of the Universe.  Nothing can hide from the light of Truth forever.  Revelations will continue for several years as deceptions are unraveled. Yes, we are living in the middle of a messy, chaotic and rocky shift.  Take heart though, we will be witnessing a rapid rise of human consciousness as we move through the next few years. Time will tell how long it takes us to reorganize all the old dysfunctional systems. But wonderful innovations are on the way.

Harmony requires human consciousness to realize the interconnectedness of all Life. This was Reiki founder, Mikao Usui’s great discovery on Mt.Kurama. His enlightenment experience revealed to him who he was. “I am the Universe. The Universe is me.”  The better we come to know ourselves on the inside, the less we will fear the unknown.  The more conscious we become, the more able we are able to see where we have been holding energy. The more we know ourselves, the more powerful we will become. Becoming more conscious means leaving ego, reactionary actions behind. We respond to situations with thoughtful consideration that are reflective of our higher mind and authentic Self.

Here are 10 tips to help you raise your consciousness in 2021:

1. Take time every day to get quiet and check in with your body.  Ask, “ How do I feel today”? Listen. If you don’t like the answer, think about what you can do to support yourself and nurture yourself. Whether you have a meditation practice or not, quieting your mind for even 5-20 minutes daily will center and ground you providing clarity for the day ahead.

2. Be present fully in each moment. Use your senses to experience each moment. Focus your attention fully. Listen to the energy behind the words that are being spoken to you.  Deep listening is the best way to respect others.

3. Follow your intuition. The body never lies because it feels energy. Listen to your gut. The mind will endeavor keep you safe with what it knows.

4.  Keep a dream journal to record subconscious information that may give you important insights.  Dreams give you symbolic metaphors to decipher.

5.  Be mindful of memories that come to the surface particularly something that happened long ago.  It is a reminder that you are holding energy from the event and it is time to release and clear the energy with forgiveness, gratitude and love.

6.  Spend time in Nature.  Nature is our best friend for resetting our energy when we get off balance.  Stand with bare feet on the grass or at the beach. Breathe in the sunshine and exhale all the old energy that is either not yours or does not serve your highest good.

7.  Recognize when you are being triggered emotionally. Acknowledge with detachment and allow the emotions to pass through you and leave. Forgive and release all people associated with the underlying emotional conflict.

8.  Use Reiki for self-healing and personal transformation. If you have not learned Reiki, I will be happy to teach you. Schedule a treatment session or two to assist you on your journey.  

9.  Use Conscious Shower Bathing by consciously directing the water to wash away all impurities and fill your cells with light. This is an energetic cleanse. You will definitely feel lighter!

10.  Kyo Dake Wa: Just for today …the first line of the Reiki Gokai. Consciousness rarely changes in a sudden flash but with daily awareness and mindfulness. Learn the Gokai. Post it where you can read it and repeat it as a daily reminder. 

Have a good month,

Anne Bentzen

Jikiden Reiki Teacher/Practitioner

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Just for today                                      Kyo dake wa

Don’t be angry                                    Ikaruna

Don’t worry                                        Shinpai suna

Be Grateful                                          Kansha shite

Do your duties(your best)full            Gyo o hageme             

Be kind to others                              Hito ni Shinsetsu ni