November’s Shifting Energies

November energies will continue in volatility but also interject healing as the month progresses. With Election Day in the rear view mirror, we can reflect on the record number of Americans who participated in the process this year.  A final decision will not be known until closer to Thanksgiving as recounts and court appeals are implemented to challenge the validity of the election results.  Politics, however, need not put us in a holding pattern. 

The more important issue, COVID, is demanding our attention as a new second wave sweeps across the US.  As cases continue to rise in NY towards 5%, schools will be forced to go completely virtual and we will experience a rollback to previous business shutdowns.  Each of us needs to do our best to guard our health by making safe choices about where you go in public, wearing a mask and practicing social distancing.  Due to the frequency of many people being asymptomatic, frequent testing and more caution is being recommended.

Staying strong and balanced is essential as we complete 2020 and head into 2021. This virus will not be under control until the fall of 2021. Mark November 11th as a powerful portal of love and healing light which enters on all such dates 10/10, 11/11 and 12/12.   In numerology the number “11” is the first master number and represents two pillars.  One pillar is the Manifest world and the other is the Unseen world. We are developing mastery over our manifest world by developing more conscious awareness and connection to the subtle realm or the non-physical, non-material, spirit world.  We are becoming more aware of ourselves as multi-dimensional not just human beings and are part of an entangled Universe.  We need to trust that we are indeed connected energetically to the entire Universe. The remaining 7 weeks of 2020 are an important opportunity to bring your light forward and expand to a new level of awareness.

The 11:11 portal is a power gateway that floods the Earth with creation energy each year.  Each time you see 11:11 on a clock, microwave or your cell phone it is a reminder of connection to an unseen realm.  Portals offer an opportunity for remembrance of your multidimensional self, the true light that you are as an energetic being and the conscious power you possess as a co-creator to manifest your reality.  Today and tonight when you see 11:11 pm, take time to be in silence and listen to the sound of your breath and the beating of your heart.  Return to your center.  Connecting with your breath daily does wonders to dissipate daily anxieties as they arise.  If you have learned Reiki, give yourself daily self-care to sustain your immunity and elevate your vibrational frequency.  

Do your best to remain detached from the drama of the ongoing election news.  You have the choice of how much time you decide to devote to any social media or TV/Radio news outlet.  Your choices dictate your exposure to the chaos and drama of daily events.  Instead, think of viewing others with compassion and love.  Hold the idea of your multidimensional nature and vision yourself sharing your light. It will uplift others every day.  11/11/2020 adds up to an “8” , a number of perfect balance and flow. Return to harmony within with 7 slow breaths as you feel the need each day. Take time to be out in Nature. The miracle of nature is that it absorbs and neutralizes your stress and invites you to return to the harmony of creation all around you. Be well.