Decision time: Follow Your Intuition

Tropical Storm Isaias blew through our area yesterday afternoon, August 4th, leaving many without power in its wake. Powerful winds pruned dead branches and toppled trees. Nature has a way of pruning out what lacks a solid foundation or has become old and diseased. Our living planet, Gaia, responds to rebalance itself whenever humanity’s energy has pulled everything out of harmony too far. The strong winds of Isaias have offered a reset by clearing the air and purging our habitat of everything that was unhealthy. Consider this tropical storm as Nature’s cleanse. Our planet will survive with us or without us, guaranteed.

2020 is the beginning of a new decade. The gift of the pandemic has been powerful global shifts in consciousness and the opportunity to envision a different future. We are now able to identify what no longer works in our lives and what we would rather be doing to feel fulfilled. We are ready to choose a different road forward. This choice must be made with our gut, our heart and our brain together. Individually as well as a society we must reconcile with our painful past while upgrading our energy to move forward towards a new future. The future you choose will be based on whether you come from love or fear. Those coming from fear will want the world to go “back to normal” and the good “old days”. Those days will never return. There is no “new normal” either. We are in a transition period, a pivital point where the direction we choose will make all the different for generations to come. Coming from love is always the higher choice, to see the pisitive potential for change rather than dreading it. Be grounded in the present moment and consciously choose a path that will help you create personal joy and happiness. Let your choice be a heart opening one that allows you to participate in community and share your talents.

This August is one of the most electric and alchemical months of 2020 so far. Momentum is here to direct our energy with our intention to create a new future for ourselves. The Full Moon in Aquarius on 8/3 along with the Lion’s Gate portal on 8/8 strongly propel humanity forward toward a higher plane of 5th dimensional existence anchored in a non-judgmental perspective and non-attachment to dualistic thinking of “either/or ” of 3rd dimensionality. Rather, 5D is a new perspective of wholeness and oneness based on the unification energy of “AND”. Connecting with your inner truth you will rely more on your inner knowing and experience heightening of your intuitive senses more than ever before. Trust your inner light to peel away false illusions that may sound good but are hollow and shallow. Your heart will know the difference.

We are preparing to emerge from a chrysalis now and move into inspired action. This has been a slow process beginning back in 2012. We are getting itchy for the virus to be over. New outbreaks show that we still have a long way to go. Patience is required to ensure we are all safe. Impulsivity is not the answer. We must remain focused on the future we desire and not panic as this virus continues to disrupt our lives. Waiting a bit longer for properly tested therapeutic measures or a vaccine to reach the public is the safest course of action. Even if it is not until January 2021, it will be in everyone’s best interest to wait.

During this interim period of waiting, you are not powerless. Focus your thoughts on the future you desire for yourself and the world you would like to see evolve in the coming decade. Your role this year is to turn inward to discover your inner empowerment. Your soul growth will provide a more authentic expression of your true self in the years ahead that will benefit everyone around you, family, friends and strangers.