Creating a New Reality-You’re in charge!

Hi Everyone,

May brings hope that virus lockdown measures will begin to ease in the forseable future even though schools will remain closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. While no longer in the shock or fight or flight of the initial coronavirus lockdown, we are moving into deeper territory. Since last month, we have witnessed the steep rise of the death toll and much confusion and misinformation regarding the virus. Thousands are filing for unemployment while other businesses are closing. We grieve the loss of so many but from a distance. Gov. Cuomo has cautioned all about the necessity to follow the facts and to be responsible for reopening the economy slowly. We are all hoping that May 15th will bring good news in New York. We know that our world will not be able to go back to business as usual when the restrictions are relaxed.

The hidden gift of the virus slowdown is the discovery of what we value most. This is a time for fine-tuning our values. People are reassessing their lives and their values. We have a new appreciation for things we took for granted before we were all restricted to sheltering in place. But more importantly, what are you not missing? Has the slower pace given you opportunities to discover what relationships and what aspects of your lifestyle are no longer working for you? What would you like to change about your life moving forward?

Extremes of fear and love will continue to be observed as we move towards summer. Our lives have become unsustainable at the pace we were consuming. Though many at home with young families or teenagers may feel claustraphobic, we are also seeing the value of deepening family relationships. We are all in this together as a society. Patience, tolerance, and compassion are rising. We are witnessing many acts of generosity and kindness for delivering PPE supplies to hospitals and restaurants providing food for first responders, doctors, nurses and families in need at food pantries. Gratitude is very apparent for front line workers as “Our Heroes”. Everyone has the ability to be the hero, especially parents who are heroically home-schooling their children during this time. Remember, love is the womb of your soul. Love is where you were created and love is what you create when you are in your soul. We all need to remember that we are loved and we are love. Go to Gratitude to bring yourself into the present moment and out of fear. Gratitude alkalines your system by turning off those harmful acidic stress hormones and immediately raises your vibration.

Unfortunately, a downside of the virus is a 30% increase in domestic violence and increased alcohol consumption, depression, anxiety and insomnia for those who are experiencing mental health challenges during this prolonged lockdown. Try to avoid being sucked into the fear wave that continues to erupt around the planet. There will continue to be emotional ups and downs through the human collective. Understand that some people will be more sensitive than usual or even exhibit atypical outbursts. Be tolerant. Listen. More and more people are listening to each other. We cannot learn our soul lessons if we are unwilling to listen. Allowance and acceptance are huge. Accepting our circumstances allows the energies to begin to flow again because we are no longer resisting the current situation. Acceptance will free up a lot of energy and diffuse the fear of the past or fear of the future.

The near future remains uncertain. We know that a second wave such as hit Singapore is a possibility if we are not careful. No one can predict what this summer will look like or what we can anticipate by September. It is very conceivable that families will be limited to ‘staycations’ or car outings as travelling options appear to be limited. I regret that I will not be able to celebrate my granddaughter’s first birthday in person or that my nephew had to cancel his wedding over Memorial day weekend. Many families are becoming very creative with Zoom birthday parties, attending online exercise classes, spiritual webinars, meditation classes, doing musical gatherings online and connecting with family and friends virtually. My husband and I have adopted a new puppy which has brought immeasurable joy into our hearts and home. As the spring rains subside, turn to the garden to ground negative emotions and focus on what you can create by growing your own food or creating beauty with annual and perennial flowers and shrubs. Create gardens to attract butterflies and bees to support the environment. Spend as much time in nature as possible where you can be without a mask. Exercise, eat healthy and turn your thoughts to the future you would like to create.

As I mentioned last month, the building blocks of the future come from our thoughts today. While we remain in full lockdown, we have a small window of opportunity to consciously plant the seeds for the world we would like to create for the future. Think creatively using your imagination and your feelings to broadcast to the Universe a future you envision with abundance on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Do not be concerned with the details. The vibration of your consciousness will help stimulate a shift towards a more joyful tomorrow. Many are meditating for the future right now. Prageet Harris of The StarGate Experience is leading a 4 day free webinar specifically for this task to plant the seeds for the future and help raise the vibration of the human collective morphic field. This is an energetic field that contains all the thoughts, feelings and actions of humanity. I have been following his work for several years and have found the Stargate work to be very uplifting and transformative. It raises your vibrational frequency significantly and promotes healing. You can find the Stargate Experience live-streaming on YouTube and FaceBook.

I am hopeful as I sense a real consciousness shift taking place because of the virus lockdown. More truths will be coming to the surface about society’s darkest shadows. This is a global conversation. Ultimately these truths will be healing though initially the ugly truths will be shocking. This may involve hidden agendas, trusted people in high places, human trafficking, child abuse and pornography rings, etc. Remember the old systems of healthcare, education, poilitics and religion are in a state of disarray. They will be undergoing massive restructuring in the coming years due to the change of values we are demanding now for the new reality we wish to create for our future. Our future will shift these paradigms from Religion to Spirituality, from healthcare to Well-being, from Politics to leadership and from Education to Educational support. Imagine new innovations, a renaissance of the creative arts and music, a shift in values from power and fame to compassion and abundance for all. You are in charge of the world you want to create. It begins now. Create with love in your imagination the world you would like to leave for your children’s children. The power of your consicousness will plant the seeds today.

REMOTE HEALING, Customized BACH Flower Essence Formulas Crystalline Grids:

Remote healing is powerful! Don’t struggle through these times unnecessarily. Receive 2 remote healing sessions for the cost of 1 direct healing session. These sessions can help lift heavy energies, relieve pain or inflammation and raise your home vibrational frequency for greater health and well-being. We all need support to hold strong against the dense, chaotic energies in the human collective energy field at this time.

Bach flower essence blends are wonderful for calming the nervous system. Flowers such as Mimulus and Rock Rose will support your ability to move from fear and panic to trust and courage. Custom flower essence blends work at the subconscious level to help us dissolve old mental patterns and limiting beliefs. Receive your own customized formula with a one hour phone consultation.

Use crystals! Crystals are great for grounding, clarity, calming and peacefulness. Labradorite is a powerful crystal for enhancing meditation at this time. A crystalline grid can work wonders for shifting the environment in your home or workplace! Contact me for suggestions using crystals you may already have in your home.

Enjoy today. Be well in body, mind and spirit. Be safe.

Much love,

Anne Bentzen