New Beginnings

Welcome to February!

With warmer temperatures at the beginning of February, we can certainly feel that spring is just around the corner. New energies are beckoning us to create a life that supports us in aligning with our true and unrealized potential that is our higher purpose. We are continuing to shine a light on the old, outdated ways of doing things that are keeping us stuck or which are blocking our way forward. Be in wonder and possibility. 02/02/2020 was a significant day highlighting relationships to establish and others to let go of in order to create the new beginning you seek. Consider new perspectives and be open to new opportunities. Surround yourself with positive supporting relationships for home and work.

New Year’s resolutions often provide the initial spark of intention to begin a new path. For me, 2020 is about achieving a new level of personal health. I have made a commitment to “show up” and give my body the appropriate level of exercise it needs. And, I can honestly say my cells seem to be smiling on the inside. What will make you stronger and feel more fulfilled? Be willing to try something new and creative. Growth requires that we move outside of our comfort zone, out of “business as usual” in order to reach a new level of being.

Crisis energy is rampant around the planet from the Corona-virus outbreak in China to brush fires in Australia and continuing military conflicts across Africa, Syria, the Middle East and Iran. Crises trigger fear, shadows, darkness and disconnection. In the political arena, the US impeachment trial has triggered many emotions on both sides and created a seemingly larger polarity. Crisis energy is also transformational as we are forced out of our comfort zone. Clearly many Americans recognize that changes are needed in 2020. Life finds a way to reinvent and re-emerge after fire, after any conflict and after sickness. These crises are giving rise to the outer transformations for the collective. Pain or wounding is playing out on a mass level with access to the internet.

For each of us personally, we need to take time for ourselves. Be a guardian of your own balance. This is an ongoing challenge and part of your energy mastery. Establish space for yourself, setting boundaries for a strong foundation. As time seems to be going ever faster, it’s important to make time to reconnect with the light – and your higher self in a quiet space. Give yourself the freedom to choose exactly what you need and what you would like to do based on how you’re feeling. The energy of the collective and the personal is far closer than you may realize. When we take action steps towards healing, we support the healing of the collective as well. All souls have the ability to go through several destinies as part of their evolution, rising consciousness and healing. Be aware that who you are leaves an imprint on everyone you meet. As you improve your life, you improve the life of the collective. It is a ripple effect. The energy of human division is thousands of years old. If everyone could connect and recognize that they are a part of something far bigger than themselves, peace and harmony would grow much faster on this planet.

As someone who is spiritual, open to working with energy or who experiences themselves as outside the mainstream either by color, sexual orientation or beliefs, you are of a special group who stand for oneness and unity through your vibrational signature. Your presence is vital for the planet. You are here to stand for oneness and connection. Your presence is the power of the future. Continue to be the magnificent way-shower and leader that you are. Increase your community of like-minded relationships so you can grow in the light. Like a young plant seedling, focus and grow towards the light. This is your responsibility. Cultivate your own “garden” and create with whatever talents you have and the energies you want to see in your life.

The subtle energies of Reiki, BACH flower essence blends and the power of crystals all assist in raising our vibration through resonance. I invite you to take the Shoden course or come as a repeating student to the Reiki course next weekend, February 8-9! Learn Reiki! Engaging in good energetic and mental habits will restore, preserve and maintain your health and well-being.

Live fully in the present moment and enjoy February!