Courageous Living from the Heart

Hi Everyone,

I am writing this blog with the energy of the New Moon and the constellation of Leo which is all about our heart chakra, opening to courage and creativity. July was an intense month energetically. I am very sensitive to these energies and the re-calibration brought by the eclipse energies felt very uncomfortable in my body until the passing of the full moon on July 16th. Everyone felt these energies whether consciously or unconsciously to one degree or another. As of July 26th, we are now in a new Planetary year which was celebrated by ancient Mayans and Egyptians annually as the beginning of a new cycle. There are strong energies collaborating for August 2019 and the beginning of a new time period for the next 2 years culminating in 2021 that will support humanity’s ability to move into heart based living and embrace unity consciousness. Our ability to trust in the unseen benevolence of the Universe is growing as we instruct the fear based ego to step aside and allow Spirit and love to lead the way towards our personal and collective transformation as a society.

A new energy is unfolding with August that will empower your ability to drop fear and live from your heart. The energies of July were very polarizing. We continue to feel the tug of war pull between the old mind of status quo and staying comfortable with the known, a world of the ego versus the new mind calling us to step into new adventures, new opportunities and to seek new solutions for broken systems nationally and globally. What is going on in our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. Everything is connected. We will continue to acknowledge our shadow self and face our biggest fears. For those who have been the most resistant, they are feeling like they are being broken open. Many people are in crisis right now. The crisis is a catalyst to awaken into your heart and expand your consciousness. Change is feared because it is unknown. But what awaits on the other side of fear is joy and a higher vibrational frequency of living.

August brings an opportunity for patience to take the time to love ourselves first. You cannot be there for others if you are not taking care of yourself first. Slow down! Take time to enjoy the beauty of the present moment. Everything happens in the “NOW” moment. Be there fully. Everyone is evolving at their own pace. As you talk with your friends you will begin noticing how synchronicities are occurring in your lives as you are open to what life is bringing you. An undeniable force is moving through us individually and collectively as a planet and society. We are being invited to move forward. The choice is ours.

Self care is essential. August is the perfect time for self-nurturing. Choose activities that resonate with you including activities such as yoga, hiking, biking, walking the beach, go kayaking, running, or enjoy a massage, an epsom salt bath with essential oils and music or sitting quietly on your patio/deck early in the morning with your favorite beverage. Let your nervous system calm down. Embrace a few peaceful moments every day. This is an excellent time for journal writing, creating a gratitude list or channeling for yourself. Take care of You! Think of a mantra that you can look at every morning or carry in your pocket to help you refocus your thoughts when you get off track.

“I choose courageous living by putting LOVE first”

or ” I am the power that chooses Joy and Love.”

Ever heard of the Lion’s Gate? The Lion’s Gate which occurs every year on the 8th of August refers to a special celestial alignment involving the star Sirius rising over Egypt at a time coinciding with the rising of the Nile river and the return of abundance to the land. It is said that the Lion’s Gate is guarded by 2 Royal Sirian Lions who are the gatekeepers known as the “Lions of yesterday and tomorrow” in sacred texts. This Lion’s Gate is a portal which opened on July 26th and will climax on 8/8/19 and close on 8/12/19. Through this portal, the Earth is bathed with high light frequency codes supporting our personal and collective evolution. “8” represents infinity and balance. We are entering a cycle of creativity and unconditional love in the face of continued resistance to change. You are learning to embody more of your soul and live with integrity.

There will be more releasing of old patterns of existing, revealing of hidden truths, letting go of judgments, moving towards equanimity, fairness and greater compassion and sharing resources. Political debates are going to be a regular occurrence in the US for the next year until the 2020 election. There are many concerns for the environment, fraking, global warming and our role in this re-occuring cycle. The poor treatment of children and immigrants at the US border as well as the news of Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking will continue to draw headlines. Don’t give your power to dramas of fear or lack. Monitoring the amount of news you listen to is essential for personal energy management. Stay grounded in your personal inner peace. You can direct your focus towards solutions that reduce pollution, create abundance and safety, support health, kindness and compassion. It is important to remember that good things are happening, too! For some good news check this site out:


You are in the driver’s seat. Intention is everything and everything is possible. Set intentions for what you want to create for your future. Be bold as you dream of a future with the joys you desire. Use words such as “I am, ” I have” to declare and claim what you are creating for yourself in the future. I set an intention a while back to one day meet Lee Carroll and listen live to him channel Kryon. I fulfilled my intention last weekend in Stamford, CT. It was a joyful weekend!! I am looking forward to fulfilling an intention to visit Mt. Shasta later this fall.

The 5 principles of Reiki are deceptively simple but very powerful in assisting you to open your heart, and live peacefully by embracing the power of living in the “NOW” moment. With Reiki you learn that you have a choice in each moment to be either victimized or empowered by your willingness to accept or reject your spiritual responsibility. As we embrace the challenge of responsibility, we open a portal to positive growth and change powered by love. August energies are supporting your ability to make positive changes. As you change your energy signature, you become a lighthouse for others to do the same.