Prioritize for Body, Mind and Spirit

In New York we are fortunate to have a beautiful weather for Labor Day weekend. The last two weeks of August has been a time of integration from the eclipse energies of July and the Lion’s Gate of August. Slow down and enjoy the end of summer and find some personal peace. Labor Day weekend is the last party for summer as many prepare to head back to school or businesses pick up their pace to meet end of the year projections. Everyone is coming home to either old routines or making new starts. Your routines should be in service and be healthier for you. Clean up your diet. Do physical exercise or a different type of physical exercise, change it up and take care of yourself. The energy is ripe for creating new routines for yourself that you can keep as daily habits.

August 30th is a powerful Super New Moon in Virgo which provides a wonderful beginning for the Fall with grounding our ideas, planting seeds for opportunities we may take advantage of come October. Make time to acknowledge the lunar cycles and the significance of cosmic flow of energy during each month. You will find that your life will flow more easily when your efforts are moving parallel with the energy of the Universe. New Moons are about new beginnings. Virgo is an Earth sign, a Yin sign that offers connection to the natural world and your natural rhythms. Virgo’s lessons are patience, going slow and steady. Virgo energy offers practicality, organization, clarity, discernment and management of your personal lifestyle. It is about tuning into your body, your health and your service in the world, how you bring your gifts to the world. Use the New Moon energy this weekend to focus on new beginnings for yourself, set some goals for the month which are the seeds you are planting for future endeavors whether it be business or personal. Take steps toward your authentic self and the realization of your dreams now. The Universe requires that you make the first move so it can respond to your desires. The Universe will send you more of whatever vibration you are broadcasting. Change your vibrations and you change the reality you experience.

As we move farther into September, there is a push to establish boundaries, the structures of your life, putting routines in place that will free you to move towards a more desirable path that expresses your true authentic nature. Stress indicates resistance. Our passions flow when obstacles are removed. Virgo symbolically helps us to discern through our consciousness what aspects of our life that are no longer servicing us. We use our intuition to “separate the wheat from the chaff”. Make lifestyle choices that are more nourishing and liberate you to realize a more easeful lifestyle. In essence, this month is about weeding your spiritual garden in order to achieve a balance of body, mind and spirit that will support your inner health and give you the “soul fuel” to create what you most desire in your life.