Elevated Energies of Change

Greetings Everyone! Welcome to November. We are in a dynamic and accelerated time with elevated energies of cosmic design which have been forecast for a millennia. An awakening is unfolding through proton plasmic light codes which will facilitate a shift in the human collective towards positivity, peace, collaboration, harmony and healing. This has been anticipated for a long time. November is an "11" month (master number of inspiration, illumination and intuition) in an "11" Universal year. 11-11-11 is an extraordinary day for receiving Divine downloads. The Advanced Reiki course will be on Nov.10-11. So take advantage of the month to receive your Reiki 2 attunement! The end of a cycle is at hand with the mid-term elections on Tuesday, Nov. 6th. Many sense the importance of these elections to decide the direction of the country for the next two years and beyond. Our country has not been more polarized since the 60's. The mid-elections are in many ways a referendum on not only the presidency but also many other issues including abortion, gun control, marijuana, health care, taxes, immigration and the balance of power in Congress, to name a few. The public has become increasingly intolerant and demanded social justice as our shadow fears, greed and misuse of power in business and politics have been exposed in recent years. The old paradigm energy is declining rapidly. The three days prior to a new moon is called the Balsamic Moon phase. The New Moon in Scorpio arrives Wednesday, Nov. 7th. This is a powerful time for manifesting with your conscious intention your personal goals for the coming month as well as your desires for the New Earth you would like to create for your future as well as the future for your children and grandchildren. Your focus on positive possibilities and working with the steady co-creation of incoming light will help move humanity towards truth. We have the ability to consciously help the planet heal. Thoughts are energy. What can you do? Breathe in stillness. Your breath is powerful. The energy of the conscious Universe is in every breath you take, in your heart center and emanates from your higher self. In the midst of all the drama now and the coming weeks, pause during the day whenever you can to breathe in some moments of stillness to connect with the new energy of this cosmic re-set which is supporting the Earth through multiple planetary alignments. Where is the calmness of a hurricane? It is in the eye of the storm, the center. You need to go to your center, to your breath and reground yourself. Soul strength is our compass. In the stillness of your soul and the chambers of your heart you connect with truth, clarity and love. We are Divine beings of light and when we return to stillness we can activate our soul's discernment to feel the light of peace and discover the truth within the rubble of the chaos around us. The new energies are summoning us in November and December to answer the call to rise to a higher vibration. Sacred listening is the answer to go beyond the 3rd dimensional illusion of division and separation matrix with a quiet, neutral mind and an open loving heart to connect directly to the higher streams of consciousness and Divine inspiration. The gratitude of the holiday season beginning with Thanksgiving supports heart opening and compassion. We are inspired to see the humanity in others, to surrender our differences and to share our resources. The unconditional love of Reiki healing is a 5th dimensional energy that transcends all 3rd dimensional energies. Use Reiki or come receive Reiki or better yet, learn Reiki!!! Visit the Awaken Wellness Fair in Tarrytown on Sunday, November 18th and experience the benefits of energy healing for yourself. Reiki answers the call to rise to a higher vibration and supports the highest good of all on the planet.

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