Complex Fall Energies

Greetings everyone!

Welcome to October. An upgrade cycle with intensifying energies is ushering in a period of spiritual transformation and reorganization for the last quarter of 2018. Particularly from the New Moon occurring this evening until the next New Moon, November 7, there will be a flurry of activity and you get to choose at what level you decide to interact with and respond to the unfolding events.

The New Moon in Libra occurring 11:47 ET tonight Monday, Oct. 8th ushers in a powerful time for opening to new beginnings. The emphasis is on relationships, justice, contracts, compromise and creating harmony. Working with the lunar cycles is beneficial to coordinate our energies with cosmic or Universal energies occurring at this time. Planetary alignments of Venus in retrograde in the constellation Scorpio and Jupiter also in Scorpio combine to support our connections with our soul passions and our spiritual nature via our own higher frequencies. Use this time to connect with your true passion and engage in more personal spiritual pursuits including meditation, energy work, yoga and other activities to gain greater clarity for the near future and move with greater ease through the end of the year.

A focused perspective on the potential possibilities for the future will help you stay on track. As we release old stagnated relationships, contracts, habits, etc. with this NM there is a void created where the old things don’t fit anymore and the new creations have not become established in form. What to do? It is very important to fill the void created by the dismantling of old views with light while awaiting the midterm elections. A new pattern in form will not emerge until after the November elections. But we have the opportunity now to make conscious choices to align with our soul’s passion and to listen to our intuition in order to determine the best course of action for ourselves. See the void, the empty space as being filled with light. Envisioning a higher vibration also lifts you while purifying the old lower reality. Critical energetic mass is being reached by awakened ones who are aligned with unconditional love, compassion, joy, bliss, gratitude and forgiveness as the new collective template. The volume, weight and mass of positive polarized energy fields far exceeds those restrictive fields of negative polarized energies based in fear. We are reaching the point where it will be impossible to return to negative polarization.

Everyone in the US has experienced this void following the judicial hearings and confirmation process of Supreme Court justice, Brett Kavanaugh. The testimonies that were heard by both parties, the comments voiced by each Republican and Democrat on the judiciary panel as well as the media, brought the issue of sexual assault to a new level of awareness in America. A new understanding of the plight of survivors is realized in our society. There is a triggering of collective trauma which is rising to be healed and integrated. Thanks to the #MeToo movement, the momentum has shifted to bring these collective traumas forward for healing and reconciliation. The search for Truth has weighed heavily with a new level of awareness arising. The result will be an increase of eligible voters preparing to go to the polls in November.

This is a time of evolutionary growth moving forward from October through December. Your mind cannot see the future. Make decisions relying on how it feels in your body. What does a “yes” feel like? Tingling is ok, overwhelm is not. We are becoming more sensory intuitive human beings. It is time to listen to our bodies. What does truth feel like in your body? You need to trust yourself in order to have your own core stability. It is important for everyone to shift out of their own old identities and rise into an identity with your more authentic self. Don’t let your visionary self be overwhelmed by your ego self which fears change. The past is the experience you have walked through to become who you are today. New realities are beckoning. Everyone’s life force is rising as we move through these complex energies. Changing times are opportunities for creation. Give yourself time for regular respite as you go about your day. Enjoy the changing fall foliage.

Have a beautiful month!

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