Laying a New Foundation

"The secret of change is to not put all of your energy into fighting the old but in building the new" ~ Socrates Welcome to September. It is a quiet, cool overcast Saturday morning with rain in the future forecast which is welcomed after the 90+ days this past week. For many it has been a return to routines, school beginnings, a change of pace of life from summer to the energy of Fall. Planets Mercury and Mars stationing direct the end of August have primed us to begin to move forward once again. The influence of celestial alignments are felt by many of you and I who are more sensitive. 2018 is a year of tremendous change moving down from the mental and emotional level to the physical plane. We have made it through a turbulent energetic summer of three eclipses, super moons, the August Lion’s Gate, 5 planets being in retrograde simultaneously and 3 complete lunar cycles bringing change as cycles come to an end. Our Gaia has been busy releasing through volcanic eruptions, transforming negativity through fire and extremely hot weather in many areas of the country as smoke filled the air from raging forest fires. Reactivity has been at a high and introspection has been essential to successfully navigate the summer. This summer was a time self-evaluation, discernment and treading water. September now brings a calming, balancing and integrating energy as we move towards the Fall Equinox on September 22nd. You can play an important role acting as a counterbalance of compassionate energy during these transitional times. Your beautiful energy is needed now. We have all gone through a detox and rewiring this spring. The speed of change has been overwhelming at times for all of us and we have needed to turn off the TV, radio, etc. from the over-stimulation of daily events. The summer energies brought to a height collectively and individually an identity shift as we viewed our lives under a microscope. The eclipses helped us crystallize what we need to let go of and what we prefer to resonate with moving forward. We have had time to contemplate a different path for greater authentic expression supporting our soul purpose and what makes our hearts sing. Your authentic nature is doing whatever brings you joy. Moving forward from September to December will be a time for laying new foundational energies and creating a new foundation for yourself.

So, how are you going to do that?

Now is the time to begin making decisions that will guide your movement over the coming year towards your higher purpose. This means life changing decisions that will either end or begin relationships – retirement, moving, marriage, separation, divorce, new job direction and making new commitments. Hospitals will be a gateway for souls moving in and out as higher frequency babies are born and older generation lower frequency humans leave the planet. We acknowledge the transition of John McCain, Aretha Franklin, Paul Taylor, Neil Simon, Burt Reynolds, Robin Leach, Kofi Annan, Henry Morganthau and many others whose lives are remembered for their influence on our culture over the last 50 years and in some cases much longer. It is important to acknowledge the influence of the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) whenever they change signs because it marks a major shift in the subtle energies of light patterns that influence our planet and the collective human consciousness. Saturn entered Capricorn Dec. 2017 and will remain there until Dec. 2020. This will help you find your moral compass, establish a more natural rhythm, adhere to integrity, more practicality, simplicity and order to your intentions and your life. Uranus entered the Earth sign of Taurus this May bringing its “great awakening” energy to the physical level. It’s overriding influence will be felt until July 2025. Uranus invites radical change and stimulates growth as well as increased communication with the spirit realm to provide guidance and inspiration. New innovations, ground breaking discoveries may be in the news, long hidden truths may be revealed as classified documents are released. There are many exciting opportunities available if we are able to welcome change rather than fear it. Creating healthy habits that keep you grounded and in tune with Earth’s natural rhythms are essential. Neptune has been in Pisces and will continue until 2025. Do you see a pattern emerging here for 2025?? This is why I find astrology fascinating. You learn about what is going on “behind the curtain” so to speak. Neptune has not been here since the 1800’s. It takes such a long time for the outermost planets to orbit. But their impact should not be dismissed. Neptune’s influence will be to advance our spiritual awareness, our sensitivity to others and the energy around us. This is a critical time to learn energy mastery, to develop boundaries and to learn to hold your center. Turn more inward, meditate, journal and trust your intuition. Remember that the Universe is benevolent and its goal is to support your highest soul evolution. Trust in what life is bringing you (opportunities, challenges, meeting new people, etc) and learn to go with the flow. Finally, Pluto moved into Capricorn in 2008 and will remain there until 2023 influencing government, corporations, organized religion and our traditional patriarchal societal systems. Pluto is the “Great Transformer” and will guide overhauling changes to all aspects of our society in the coming years. We are experiencing an amplification of transformation now at a speed that we have never experienced. Embrace the approaching New Moon in Virgo energy tomorrow as the beginning of a new lunar cycle. Sunday, 9/9 is an “11” day and therefore a master number bringing intuitive and spiritual connection. Use the Balsamic Moon phase today to set intentions that will support the creation of your desires for a more authentic expression of yourself and a new foundation. Get out in nature and make grounding and centering activities part of your regular routine. Set time aside for contemplation tomorrow. This is the beginning of a new chapter as we begin to lay new foundations for the future. We are here to ground the light and I invite you to join me in learning Reiki this fall, participating in the September Full Moon festivities and raising your personal vibration through private sessions to help you do your personal work, find joy and peace and navigate these challenging times. Wishing you much love and balancing energy this month.

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