Breakthrough Consciousness

"Consciousness controls energy... You have the ability to "recalibrate" any would so you may once again experience yourself as healthy, healed,happy and whole" ~Dr. John G. Ryan, MD author of The Missing Pill, 2013

Greetings everyone: August ushers in powerful energies to help us complete the difficult release work begun in July. We have now experienced two of a series of three eclipses with the third, a partial solar eclipse on August 11th with the next “super” new moon. These are unprecedented times where the Universe is providing a big push of Divine solar light with an alignment of constellations and planets to support our soul growth as a collective. We are experiencing the clashes overlap of energies from the old age of Pisces and the new age of Aquarius as we shift toward the light. A powerful influence of the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto is pushing us to open to our true spiritual nature. Six planets now stationed in retrograde are giving us the opportunity to reevaluate, rekindle, renew and reclaim our authentic power.

Outwardly, global weather from wild fires to violent thunderstorms and torrential rains reflect the volatile drama around the world as ego driven forces battle to keep lies and anything disingenuous hidden. Uranus as the “Great Awakener” in Taurus (an Earth sign) is stirring up the energy to encourage change. Major breakthroughs may be on the horizon. There are lots of “redo’s” with technology glitches, communication drops, etc. as Mercury remains in retrograde until August 18th. We are being asked to “breakthrough” with our consciousness to the next level. The constellation of Leo which Earth is travelling through represents the Sun, radiant light and life. Leo is encourages us to shine brightly. It is time to step out and share your gifts with the world. This can either be for the first time or in a new, more authentic way.

The Lion’s Gate on August 8th is a powerful portal for the transmission of Universal light codes. It is also the first day of the balsamic moon phase leading up to the new moon/solar eclipse. Use this day to connect deeply on the inner planes with your guides to connect with your passion, your “fire” and discover the changes you need to make to be in alignment with your heart, mind and soul. This alignment mirrors the eclipse-sun, moon and Earth. As 2018 is a Universal “11” year (a master number), this year is all about transformation and alignment. During August, make an intention to connect with the solar level Divine light coming to Earth and all its inhabitants to luminate and nourish you. Connect with the light and warmth of our sun to receive its wisdom for 10-15 minutes one or more times a day. With the extensive ego based energies creating drama whirlwinds, it is important to ground the light of truth within us and to the Earth. As you do this, you receive healing and simultaneously strengthen your spiritual nature and connection to your higher self. Spiritual mastery is about ego integration, not ego elimination. Let August bring you into greater awareness for heart-based living as you mind your thoughts and feelings. Take time for journaling, engage in the arts, to express your creativity and discover your joy and passion. Above all else, be patient!

A full moon in Pisces arrives on Sunday, August 26th. The Pisces energy behind this full moon is very mystical. There is an opening between inner realms and higher dimensions. Take advantage of this opportunity to consciously connect to messages that will inspire your dreams and creative imagination. Let the energy of this full moon complete this cycle of letting go of what the moonlight is revealing needs to be surrendered.

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