Huge Energy Shifts this Summer

"You are bearers of joy and you must not be cast down or dismal about the world: the evolution of the whole race is steadily going forward and you must always see the progress, see the beauty, see the good outworking." ~The Quiet Mind, White Eagle

Greetings Everyone, Happy Fourth of July!! As we traditionally turn to celebrate the best values of our nation on this holiday, the above quote by White Eagle holds much wisdom for us in these turbulent times. Focusing on positivity and the growing sense of community and compassion even when revealed through protest marches in all 50 states last weekend, is a step forward. As never before, July calls for us to be in our hearts, to align with our true authentic self. Nurture yourself. Take it slow. With 5 planets in retrograde during the first 9 days of July you are being encouraged to take time for reflection, review decisions, think about where you are now after the turbulent spring and where you would like to be this coming fall. July is best spent reorganizing and decluttering physically, emotionally and mentally to gain clarity on what is most meaningful and brings you the most joy moving forward. Decluttering our emotional self means clearing out old limiting beliefs/stories. Forgiveness sets us free from old emotional residue held in our cells. We can release ourselves emotionally from others with the understanding that their level of consciousness and vibrational frequency did not enable them with the wisdom to act otherwise. As we clear our own energies we balance the feminine and masculine aspects of our being supporting unity and being of service for the community. July also brings a powerful eclipse season with 3 eclipses beginning July 12 with the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Cancer at 10:48 pm ET. The focus for this first powerful eclipse is on your home foundation and sense of security. Inner spiritual development, meditation, lucid dreaming and memories may all be triggered by this eclipse. The longest lunar eclipse of the century follows on July 27th with the Full Moon in Aquarius. Humanitarianism and the global family receives emphasis now. Turn your attention to the collective consciousness of community during the energy of this eclipse as we are at a crossroads. There could be a major shift or breakdown in a traditional social structure or perhaps news of a major breakthrough in scientific research. We have already witnessed new successes in cancer treatment through immunology instead of chemotherapy and cases of reversing Alzheimer's recently. A final partial solar eclipse will be on August 11th with the New Moon in Capricorn. These eclipses will not be seen in the US. but the energy of all eclipses will be felt worldwide. Throughout July it is essential to ground every day as these "ascension" or "shift" energies continue to build. You must ground consciously by directing your energies to go into the Earth. Remember that energy follows thought. So as you intentionally grow energetic "roots' into the Earth, you will ground yourself. Walking barefoot on the grass or beach is not enough. Hugging a tree is better. Trees can teach you how to ground is you ask them. The huge energy shift of July is guiding us to open our hearts to hold more light and walk in truth. Trust that everything is happening for a reason. Everyone is affected by this energy wave. The more inner work you do, the more peaceful your outer world will be. Those who are preoccupied with self service will experience greater disruption in their exterior world. Ego thrones will topple as the vibration of the collective rises to support a united heart-centered community. This process will be ongoing through 2024. Lightworkers are needed now more than ever to assist others just beginning to go through this process. I invite you to join me for the Reiki 2 course if you have not done so as yet. If you have Reiki 2 and would like a "reboot" attunement, I will be giving those on Sunday July 15th beginning at 3 pm. A re-attunement will recharge and clear your channel for transmitting energy. Opportunities for Reiki sharing will follow until 5 pm. It will be a great day for realignment.

Have a beautiful month,


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