Compassion: The Ultimate Catalyst for Change

Welcome to June! With inclement weather in the 60’s, it doesn’t feel like June. But here we are at the halfway point for 2018. May was an intense month filled with drama on the world stage as well as personally for many. Planetary energies continue to offer more clarity around truth. We are now witnessing a dance between “Old Power” and vulnerability. What used to be an ego-dominated game is changing with the entry of heart energy. The rules are changing from “it’s all about me” to “we”. Compassion and the energy of the heart is gaining ground. It is the light and love within our very own hearts that is the key to our ability to move forward to creating a more humane society.

The recent Twitter outburst by Roseanne Barr last week was quickly rebuked by society and NBC entertainment president, Channing Dungey, who swiftly announced cancellation of the #1 show. The speed of the backlash and re-balancing against such offensive comments demonstrates the power of compassion as a catalyst for positive change. Passionate action restores balance by supporting another individual, a group or even a country.

The indictment of Harvey Weinstein also exemplifies the slow falling away of the old power paradigm of wealth, position and ego domination in the face of rising compassionate action by women for women and other marginalized groups who have been denounced for their race, religion or sexual orientation. Youth are aware that changing gun laws or reducing building access is not enough following school shootings. As one Santa Fe student shared with a reporter, we need to be kinder to each other. Exclusion only creates fear, anger and resentment. Peace comes when we include others and offer help to those in need. The new power is in connection, not isolation. We feel alive through connection with others and community. In a space where we are honored and supported, we thrive.

The royal wedding of Meghan and Harry on May 19th was a clarion call for love and change. Filled with symbolism that broke with old etiquette standards, Harry, Meghan and African American Episcopal Bishop Michael Curry shared a vision for a world where love leads the way inspired by compassion as the catalyst for social justice, peace and sharing resources. It is a vision of worldwide connection.

While news headlines will continue to be filled with drama, know that there is a movement away from “me and entitlement" towards “we and us together”. I am encouraged to witness more hearts awakening who are able to see above the polarity of density consciousness. It is an emotional compassion not just a mental understanding that is now providing a new space for holistic healing. Compassion is the key to change because it signals our eventual arrival to becoming a heart-based society where the idea of peace on Earth can become a reality for our children’s children.

Participate with intention on this year’s Summer Solstice on June 21st. Take a moment of stillness to claim the harmony of perfect balance of this day for your life. Your spiritual awareness to the energies around you is vital for your personal mastery in these times. Making conscious choices from your heart impacts the planetary thought body every moment. So, let your light shine!

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