Paradigm Shift Inspires Soulful Exploration

Greetings everyone, Cold and rainy weather is not what we typically think of during mid-May! Many have experienced sinus and allergy problems since the early May sudden burst of pollen. Next week things will finally begin to feel more seasonable. I want to alert everyone to some powerful energy changes and encourage you to pay extra attention to subtle cues you may receive in the coming weeks that can inspire you to explore new initiatives or fulfill a desire to live what you truly value. Be alert. Let the lunar cycles trigger your curiosity for beginning something new, something more soulful.

A powerful New Moon in Taurus on Tuesday, May 15th has been followed hours later by a new planetary alignment that we have not seen since 1934 - 1942 as Uranus entered the constellation of Taurus. As an outer planet, Uranus, only changes signs every 7 years. The last time Uranus changed signs moving into Aries, we experienced the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan following an earthquake on March 11, 2011. Uranus brings revolutionary energies which desire immediacy, freedom and often affects economics such as the Great Depression following the ‘29 stock market crash. Uranus has been also associated with wars such as WWII and the American Revolution. Taurus conversely, as an Earth sign, is all about experiencing life through the physical body. Taurus loves stability, routine and desires only slow measured, predictable change. It seems energetically that we are dealing with polar opposites. Taurus loves the Earth, is a nurturer and a feminine sign. I believe with the new energy of post 2012 as we begin the Aquarian age, the next 7 years until 2025 will be integral in pointing humanity to a revolution of consciousness which will slowly propel us towards the ultimate goal we all desire which is Peace on Earth. Uranus energy is pushing us towards Unity Consciousness. Uranus demands for freedom will be felt economically as well as culturally for gender and race equality. We will see new innovations and witness some scientific discoveries that will enable us to use alternative forms of energy more easily. Expect changes in the delivery education and medicine. Cannibus and holistic medicine will continue to push against traditional health care as demand grows for functional medicine. Thesse are all revolutionary changes compared to the what we have been familiar with for decades.

Authenticity, integrity and compassion for others is slowly replacing old society values of wealth and status. Potential peace on the Korean peninsula, dismantling of nuclear weapons and a relaxation of borders all reflect Uranus’s influence. In addition, Millennials are also waking up and voicing their opinions for social justice, gun control and preservation of the environment . There is much anticipation for change as the midterm elections in November 2018 approach. Leadership changes are to be expected. Transformation requires letting go of old systems which are broken and out of integrity. As we clear and de-clutter we open personally and collectively to receive higher frequencies of light that will help everyone activate greater potentials that are more in alignment with our true values. Ask these questions with the New Moon in Taurus and follow the next 2 weeks to the Full moon (Wesak Moon known as the Full Moon in Buddha) and the blessings of Light for humanity on May 29th:

  • What do you value?

  • What is important to you in your life?

  • Are you living your life, your truth?

  • Whose moral code are you living by?

Our hearts have no agenda. We are always in a state of becoming. Without limitations, what would you like to become? Benevolent cosmic forces are actively supporting humanity's evolution. Meditate with these questions over the next 2 weeks as we approach the mystical full moon on May 29th. It is a perfect time to receive guidance and light to illuminate your soul’s path and purpose.

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