Aligning with Truth

Greetings Everyone,

This first week of May has seemed more like summer than spring. Spring rains have thankfully cooled things down. It is a big boost for the plant kingdom to continue sprouting tender young shoots and leaves without further intense heat. Gardeners are rejoicing and I am one of them!

May energies continue the theme of pushing truth and mental elevation to new heights. Mental elevation refers to seeing things in a different way. Collective humanity is shifting. Maryland just enacted a comprehensive Public Safety and Violence Prevention Act joining 5 other states to address gun violence in the wake of record homocides and school shootings. An infamous Basque militant group, the ETA, has formally disbanded after a 60 year history of violent attacks. Recent decisions made to resolve past human history such as the expelling of Bill Cosby and Roman Polanski from the Motion Picture Academy and potential changes in the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Literature by the Swedish Academy due to a sex abuse scandal are signaling collective attempts to resolve past wrongdoings.

Compassion and re-unification are exciting possibilities for the Korean peninsula. In an effort to promote a spirit of unification, the North Korean and South Korean Table Tennis teams decided instead of competing against each other that they would join together as one team for the remainder of the championships. In each case, people have re-evaluated history with new eyes and are making decisions to change the future. Old patterns are being released. The sacredness of all life and everyone’s innate worthiness are being acknowledged as people work together to create a future of greater equality, transparency and respect for all.

Authenticity and aligning with truth is an essential component to raising your vibration. Our personal, collective and planetary ascension begin from the inside out. Gaia is rebalancing herself with the new eruptions of Hawaii’s Kilauea which has prompted mandatory evacuations. There may be more unusual environmental events through the summer. Personally we have to change how we witness others by being aware of our own truth as eternal beings and recognizing the same in others. In the higher realms there is no judgment, no fear and there is no time. These are linear, duality attributes of our world. Awareness of our own truth of who we are, what we are as manifestations of creation and our role for sharing our light in the world changes our vibration. As a result the vibration we are emitting subsequently ripples out to change the world as our energy fields overlap with others. We are all changing and expanding.

May brings tremendous excitement for innovation and creativity as we move towards eclipse season in August. Now is the time to actualize what you want to create in your life whether it be a new relationship (personal or work). Following your intuition is key. Look for a rise of synchronicities as a thread of connection that binds us all. When synchronicities increase, it’s time to manifest your next step. Be available to give and create.

Sharing our love and our light is the catalyst which connects humanity and fosters positive change. Cultivating joy and connecting inwardly to your passion will fuel your creativity. Your vibrational frequency has everything to do with who you perceive yourself to be and will affect your clarity, disposition and choices. Gratitude is the secret switch for opening the heart to joy and new opportunities. A gratitude journal is an excellent way to help anyone become more present. We each need to create time in our lives to be present with ourselves in order to cultivate joy and create new possibilities in our lives.

Spiritual practice is important to help us raise our vibration, be in alignment with our truth and to be present, responsible and accountable. Quiet moments where you give yourself the gift of going within are essential steps that infuse your vibration with self-love and joy. Your personal spiritual practice may include walking/sitting in nature, meditation, yoga, journaling, breath work, music or any other devotion which allows the mind to be quiet. Any Reiki student who has a regular practice of self-care Reiki will tell you that Reiki resets their “compass” and connects them with their True Self. Reiki is truly life changing for becoming your best Self.

You are the energy behind your choices. Make your spiritual practice a loving devotion not a discipline. The energy you bring to your spiritual practice or physical routine is integral to the success you will feel. Inspired disposition for any practice is the key ingredient which will allow you to be fully engaged and get the most out of your practice. A spiritual practice is a loving gift you give yourself to ground you, bring clarity, peace of mind and anchor in the deep truth of who you really are.

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