Mid-April 2018: Bolstering Your Courage to Move Forward

It is mid-April but the air still feels chilly in the mornings. Flowers and trees are courageously pushing forth their blossoms and more colorful birds are returning to nest. After a difficult March weather size with multiple Nor'easters and the halting energy of Mercury Retrograde, we are all breathing a sigh of relief that greater clarity is in the air and we have the energy to move forward with courage and resolve to realize our potential and act on it in new ways.

Looking for the Light: Here are some inspiring headlines that speak to moving forward and may signal a new future, reconciliation, forgiveness, and uncovering more truths, etc.

  • England is rejoicing at the birth of a son to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge today.

  • Queen Elizabeth makes plans to transfer powers only (Regency Act) if she is still alive in 4 years to Prince Charles. Her retirement is in the future.

  • North Korea Kim Jong Un announces suspension of nuclear and long range missile tests and shut down its main atomic test site.

  • #MeToo movement gets support in Japan as many march in Shibuya to end sex crimes. Seiko Noda, minister for women’s empowerment calls for national cooperation to eradicate sexual exploitation.

  • Manzoor Pashteen, a young, educated 30 yr.old, rallies thousands of fellow Pashtuns in Pakistan in peaceful gatherings to end extrajudicial killings and abductions. Called the PTM – Pashtun Protection Movement is placing pressure on the country’s leadership.

  • Earth Day & Progress: More alternatives available using recyclable straws, mugs, compostable utensils, 6-pack can rings, plus restricted or banned plastic bags.

  • India: Osho Kalia gets government backing for inmates to make cloth bags to replace plastic bags for going to market: Some women nationwide are also making bags and contributing to their family income.

  • Armenian Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan leader resigns to quell massive anti-government protests over his efforts to seize power and admits it was wrong.

The above headlines along with recent US political news highlight the energy of April which is bolstered by many subtle celestial influences occurring to help you see Truth and recognize imbalances in authenticity and integrity both collectively and personally. The theme for April is about your potential, strengthening by identifying your gifts, talents, resources and finally making decisions to move forward. The Universe is supporting your evolution.

April 2018 energies reflect the symbolism of minor planet/comet Chiron now visiting our solar system. Such “Wise Healer” energy is encouraging us to overcome our lower nature and identify with our higher self. It’s important to connect with what feels “Real”. Take a breath, find your stillness and feel not think your way to the truth. Professional Energy Intuitive, Andrew Martin, suggests, “Follow the feelings and you will always find the clarity you seek.” Is it time to reinvent yourself? Where is the friction in your life right now?

The energy of the full moon in Scorpio on Sunday, April 29th, brings opportunity to embrace what empowers you and make some significant self-discovery, decisions or transformation. Identifying a new purpose can also trigger sadness or grief as we realize that what used to be no longer works for us. Perhaps what you value today is different. These feelings are also a great indicator of the need for change. The constellation Taurus invites you to cultivate your ideas and desires now. You must be the “gardener” for what you wish to manifest in your life.

Have the courage to embrace this full moon energy as a great opportunity for sorting out your resources –those that are tangible (ie. home, car, jewelry, etc.) and those that are intangible (relationships, job, friends, community, faith, etc.). Take time to make a list. This exercise may help reveal your greatest gifts, tools/talents or under-utilized resources. The April full moon provides the incentive you need to move forward to make positive changes in your life. This is what you came for!

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