March 2018: Introspection and Self-Love

As you gaze out on the current volatile landscape of conflict epitomized by the Me TOO and Time OUT movements and more recently the school shootings in Parkland, FL, it is obvious that our country is waking up and demanding change. People are now finding the strength to stand up, claim their power and express their values. People are listening and agreeing that what used to the status quo is no longer acceptable. The world has changed and a new generation of millennials are rising into their own power. We are witnessing in many ways a new civil rights movement that is far reaching for human dignity. Some corporations are now adding their voices by announcing changes in their business practices to promote more responsible gun ownership and gun control laws. The wave of change that I mentioned last month has grown larger with the school shootings in Florida. There is an energy of determination to create positive change. People are realizing that nothing is infallible anymore. Courage is growing to pull aside the curtain and see that WHO is pushing the fear machine (OZ) is JUST other human being(s) who are ultimately no more powerful than anyone else. This is a deep emotional healing period not only for our country but for the world. A potent change is coming this spring and will continue for several years as old establishment systems continue to breakdown. Humanity is in the midst of a cleanse as we move into a new age of energy and harmony. Change takes time. Allow for change. Look upon the unfolding changes as opportunities for a better future for everyone. It is natural to fear what we do not know. But resistance only denies us the opportunity of experiencing something better. Address your needs first and you will become more powerful, more grounded, peaceful and better able to available for others in the long run. Monitor and honor your personal energy daily. How are you managing your sensitivity to the drama surrounding you? Be mindful of how much you watch, read or listen to the news. When you fill your cup first, you allow yourself permission to say, "No" to pleasing everyone else in your life before taking care of your own needs. Set your priorities for your personal happiness. This is not selfish. It is a necessity for your health and spiritual well-being. We love ourselves by giving ourselves a break. What does that look like for you? You may find that what is self-nurturing for you now is different than what you enjoyed 5 years ago. Listen to your intuition. March brings 3 powerful lunations with a second blue moon on the 31st. Enjoy the energies of tonight's full moon. It is a perfect time to begin new projects and tap into your imagination and creative aspirations for this coming year. Full moons tend to shine light on areas of truth that need to be revealed. And, we are certainlly witnessing that globally. We are moving through the Pisces (2/18-3/20) constellation now which is the last sign in the Zodiac calendar and signals the end of a yearly solar cycle. Spiritual energies are heightened in Pisces and it is a good time to develop some new habits that will support for your spiritual well-being and path. Create time for silence, meditation, a retreat, a healing session or learn Reiki. The transformational power of Reiki and other energy healing methods brings balance and harmony to body, mind and spirit while honoring the body's wisdom for self-healing. Reiki practitioners are conduits for the unconditional love of the benevolent Universe. All you need to do is trust it for you are part of the One. Consider continuing your Reiki training with the Reiki 2 course this month on March 10 & 11th. It could be exactly what you need to fill your cup!!

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