February: Wave of Change

2018 is unfolding for greater change as more and more people are looking to find their “True North”, their joy, their passion and are having the courage to stand in alignment with what they truly believe. We have watched the growing outcry for social justice by millions of women in the “Me too!” movement and the rise intolerance for sexual abuse of any kind to anyone. The call for transparency is causing an unprecedented number of women to run for office in the upcoming midterm elections in November. This is historic regardless of who wins. The energy for change is growing. A special conference is being held in New Orleans this weekend beginning today called, Unrig the System Summit at the Lavin-Bernik Center at Tulane University. The purpose of this summit is to bring the brightest minds from the Right and the Left together to Fix American Politics. It is a gathering for conservatives, progressives and solution energy. It runs from today through 2 pm Sunday, Feb. 4th and will be live-streamed. Go to: unrigsummit.com/rsvp-summit-livestream/. This is an example of the new energy of 2018. It is the energy of compromise, compassion, inclusion and equality. This is a gathering of people who are standing in their truth and their power to create a better system for good government that represents all Americans fairly. The energy begin generated by this summit and the Me too movement are part of a growing wave of unity consciousness across our country and the world. The coming wave of change represents the rising consciousness of the human collective. I invite you to embrace it rather than to dig your heels in to resist it. Change has typically triggered a fear response because change is always unknown. We may have been operating from a premises that change is bad. What if change means “something better”? We are in a new energy that demands that we awaken to the reality that we are powerful beings. We create our own reality through free choice of our thoughts and actions. Two essential truths we must embrace are that first, all life on this planet and the Universe is connected energetically and secondly, that it is essential for us to trust that the Universe is benevolent and desires to support our ability to live in peace, love and harmony with each other. We are the ones the Universe has been waiting for. The energy of Unity Consciousness is being ignited worldwide to birth a better world of peace that we all envision in our dreams. What is required of you? You need to claim your power and stand in your truth. So, how do you do that?? It begins by loving yourself, accepting and loving all the parts of yourself without judgment, especially the innocent, creative core of your essence-your inner child. As we become aware of limiting beliefs we adopted years ago from emotional/physical events, our parents, relatives or peers, and our cultural upbringing we are able to let go and rewrite our truth by claiming who we know ourselves to be today in the positive. Reiki is a powerful force available to everyone to learn for themselves to assist in this transformational process. Learning Reiki or receiving Reiki sessions enables the body to release underlying stress with unanticipated changes as they arise and helps you to ride the wave of change with a positive perspective trusting that you will have the opportunity to choice what is directly in front of you or something better. I strongly urge you to begin or to continue your Reiki journey this year and receive a gift of greater knowing and connection with yourself and the world around you.

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