Mid-January Update

First New Moon of 2018 - Set Goals for 2018 January is gathering momentum and moving us forward into 2018. The first New Moon of any year (Jan. 16-17), sets the tone for the entire year. If you have not taken time yet, do so now to set your personal goals for the year. It's not too late! What important changes would you like to create in your life? Is there a particular area of your life that you would like to change or expand upon? Who do you want to become this year? This year is all about the ascent of individual human consciousness as pilgrims hiking towards a mountain top depicted in the Sabian symbol for this new moon.

Sabian Symbol: Mountain Pilgrimage

Capricorn 27: 360 Degrees of Wisdom

We are all being nugged to ask the all important questions:

"Who are you at the Soul Level behind all the "hats" you wear in your daily life? "Who do you want to become this year?"

We are all creators of our own reality. As we learn how to become the master of our own frequency and live from the inside out rather than to be a victim of the drama of the outside world, we become the authors of our own life and the master of our destinies. Many practices are available to help you tune into and raise your personal vibrational frequency such as Reiki, meditation, breath work, yoga, Tai Chi, QuiGong to name few. Allow exercise to be a meditative practice. Take more time to be outdoors espeically this weekend as we enjoy a break in the cold winter weather. Be with the trees to ground your energy and release all that does not serve you. There is a science behind grounding or Earthing! It suppports the body's natural healing process. Reiki serves as an excellent method for raising your personal frequency, getting in touch with old emotional triggers which point towards emotional subconscious residue held in the tissues and creating greater peace of mind. Reiki helps you get in touch with the energetic nature of your being! When the wounded ego is re-integrated with the heart, you discover the love that you are. The natural state of your energetic being is peace. "You are at your core a direct extension of Source, of universal wisdom, of the

all-knowing mind". -Mike Dooley, " From Deep Space with Love" I strongly encourage you to join me this year for healing circles, Reiki classes or to use Reiki as a vehicle to help you raise your vibrational frequency in 2018. As a healer, I have been the receipient of the ascension upgrades as everyone else and am aware of how much stronger my sessions have become in assisting clients to open to their higher selves. Never underestimate the power of Reiki in spite of it's seeming simplicity to help you connect with the deep truth of who you really are and to find a deeper peace within than you have ever known.

The power of this first lunar cycle (new moon in Capricorn) should not be dismissed as it ends with a powerful Super "Blue Moon" (the 2nd full moon in the same month) Lunar Eclipse on January 31st before sunrise in the constellation Cancer!! This Super Blue Moon eclipse highlights mothering, caring instincts and finding harmony between nurturing and being the provider, especially for single female parents. I am constantly amazed how astrology which dates back to 2000 BEC correlates to our daily events and personal lives. The mechanisms behind astrology study the gravitational resonance, planetary alignments and relationships of all celestial bodies upon the Earth's magnetic field which in turn affects our human neural network. Remember, everything is connected. There is one Universal energy. A powerful polarity is occuring right now which is squaring off Capricorn's themes of government, law and order, rules and social control (autocratic power) with celestial and planitary alignments supporting freedom, independence and spiritual awakening. It's all playing out in our news right now!!

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