November Energy Vibes: Awakening to Conscious Creation

Greetings everyone,

We are at the beginning edge of a new age. And, the going has been tough this year. Energy shifts continue. Grow. Expand. Collapse. Let go. Rebuild. The cycle comes like waves moving faster with each year and repeating more rapidly forcing us to let go of our resistance to change. Certainly any challenges we have experienced personally and emotionally are being reflected in humanity’s collective unconscious. Our national news is full of investigations, indictments, guilty pleas and continued violence. But it is also full of exposing the truth as many women and men are coming out of the closet revealing past experiences they now have the courage to stand up and give voice to. Purging is a hard process everyone is facing now. You may find yourself coming to a realization of a lifelong pattern based on a childhood decision for emotional survival. Becoming conscious of the old beliefs of our past helps us to “connect the dots” in order to heal past behaviors and to make positive lifestyle changes for the future. As each of us heals ourselves through this letting go process, we provide space for others to do the same. In a way, it becomes contagious. The ball is rolling. Our planet has gone through dramatic weather fluctuations over the last 6 weeks are part of this accelerating purging and expansion process of planetary evolution as well.

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