Jikiden Reiki Institute

Founded in 2000 by Chiyoko Sensei and her son Tadeo Yamaguchi to preserve the lineage of Chujiro Hayashi, shihan of Mikao Usui Sensei.  The  name “Jikiden” means original, not altered. Chiyoko Sensei was initiated by Hayashi Sensei in the late 1930’s when she was 17. Chiyoko Sensei practiced Reiki daily for 65 years until her death in 2003.  It is the goal of the Jikiden Reiki Institute to teach  Reiki without the western influence and restore the  important  essences of original Reiki that were lost with WWII.

International Jikiden Reiki Institute Association:

The International Jikiden Reiki Institute Association serves as a resource for locating Jikiden Reiki practitioners around the world.  Students can locate teachers in their area, read about each each teacher on their personal page and contact them for classes and programs.


International Association for Reiki Practitioners

IARP®, is a professional association of the global Reiki community, working to promote wide reaching healing effects throughout the world.

International Center for Reiki Training 

ICRT: a non-profit organization founded by William Rand in 1989 offers Reiki classes, newsletter. Includes library, class schedules.

Center for Reiki Research

Best resource for study summaries on Reiki research.

American Holistic Health Association

American Holistic Health Association (AHHA) - a free, impartial clearinghouse connecting you to self-help wellness resources - including articles, videos, practitioners, etc.


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