Reiki for Pain Management

Reiki is a natural and effective solution for pain management. Used in hospitals worldwide as part of holistic alternative medicine approach, Reiki successfully reduces pain and inflammation. Pain is the most common symptom affecting psychological, mental, and physiological issues in individuals.  Inflammation causes discomfort and can lead to disease. Inflammation is the #1 cause of pain in the body.  Our bodies naturally support any injured area by surrounding it with protective cells, which can cause inflammation.  To relieve pain, we must reduce inflammation by rebalancing the body.


Reiki works to rebalance the energetic flow of life force energy within the body by releasing the build-up of toxins at the organ, joint, or site of trauma. Balancing your energy flow is vital for your health and well-being. Reiki inhibits the production of stress hormones, allowing our autonomic nervous system to focus on healing rather than protecting our bodies. Pain subsides as Reiki assists in reducing areas of inflammation in the body, allowing organs to function normally and joints to move more freely.

Arthritis, a common painful condition affecting millions worldwide, causes pain from inflammation to joints, resulting in stiffness and reduced mobility.  Both primary forms of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, benefit from reduced pain levels with Reiki. Published studies show arthritic patients experienced reduced pain. Individuals report improved joint mobility and overall quality of life. Pain medication reliance is often reduced as patients experience relief.  

Mental health improvements are observed as individuals experience reduced levels of depression and anxiety.  Newly published studies in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, August 2021 demonstrated that randomized clinical trials showed a statistically significant decrease in patients who received Reiki compared to a control group. Reiki can play a major role in naturally reducing the need for pain medication for the treatment of dis-ease and disease, whether psychological or physiological in nature.