Reiki is a powerful yet simple Japanese intuitive healing art of hands-on healing. 


Reiki is a powerful yet simple holistic Japanese intuitive healing art of energy healing. 

As an intuitive, complementary therapy, Reiki supports healing intervention provided through traditional medical treatment methods. It is easy for anyone to learn. Both the receiver and giver benefit from the channeling of Divinely guided Universal life force energy. The Reiju often called an attunement in some practices differentiates Reiki from

all other forms of hands-on healing. The Reiju opens an etheric channel allowing

students to channel Reiki.  Jikiden Reiki teachers provide Reiju for their students

during healing courses and also at community gatherings of JR practitioners to help keep the channel clear for Reiki.


  I am certified through the Jikiden Reiki Institute of Japan as Shihankaku teacher which enables me to teach the Shoden course (Reiki 1).   I teach the Shoden course for the Jikiden Reiki Institute.  As an experienced Reiki teacher I am able to provide students with an understanding of the diffferences between Western and Eastern style Reiki practices. It is my intention to promote Jikiden Reiki and encourage western Reiki students to learn the Shoden level of Jikiden Reiki.  













 Jikiden Reiki provides students with the original Japanese teachings of Reiki without any Western influence.  Students receive a detailed history of the development of Reiki in Japan and beyond.  Jikiden Reiki ignites the original spirit of Reiki in students with its compassion and humility.  Jikiden Reiki is simple but powerful as a complementary therapy for healing.  Students learn the intuitive art of feeling energy with their hands as originally taught by Dr. Chujiro Hayashi Sensei.  Students learn ideas and methods not taught in western Reiki.  Jikiden Reiki Institute was created in 2000 by Hayashi  Sensei's student, Chiyoko Yamaguchi and her son, Tadao Yamaguchi to preserve the lineage of Hayashi Sensei.  Jikiden Reiki teachers are accredited through specific criteria to ensure consistency of instruction.  Students receive both English certificates at the conclusion of their course and Japanese certificates from the Institute in Japan.

SHODEN: Jikiden Reiki 1 Class - Fall 

Consecutive Sundays, 9/27 & 10/4 - West Harrison, NY    

At Holmes Camp, Nov. 13-15th  Call to Register: 914-588-4079


Jikiden Reiki Shoden class is taught in either 2 or 3 days.  It is never taught in 1 day.  Shoden is the Japanese word for beginner class. Anyone can learn Reiki.  Shoden class is about providing direct hands-on healing for loved ones friends and pets. Once attuned you will have Reiki for life!    Tuition: $350.00 $50/day for repeating students.

  • Learn a thorough documented history of Reiki from Japan,

  • Learn the meaning and purpose of the 5 Reiki principles known as the "Gokai" as created by Reiki's founder, Mikao Usui, Sensei. 

  • Receive "Reiju" 3 times to help you channel life force energy.

  • Learn Japanese Reiki techniques

  • Learn how to "feel" and "grade" energy with your hands

  • Learn a Reiki symbol (not taught in western Reiki) Learn a  special integration technique for all healing sessions.

  • Learn a Reiki meditation 

  • Receive supervision for hands on healing practice each day.

  • Receive Jikiden Reiki manual, Reiki book by Tadao Yamaguchi and certificates upon completion.


Everybody, even the people who have received only the Shoden Level, 

(Reiki 1) have clearly achieved the ability to heal dis-ease.

~ Mikao Usui


The Okuden course is taught by a Jikiden Reiki Shihan teacher.  It is usually a two day course but under special circumstances can be taught in 1 day.  In this course students continue to learn the original Japanese teachings passed down by Hayashi Sensei to Chiyoko Sensei, symbols for psychological issues and distance healing. Instructors must be approved by the Jikiden Reiki Institute.  Students will receive Reiju daily, practice Japanese Reiki techniques and receive more supervised instruction. 

For more information on taking the Okuden course,

Go to: http://www.npo-ijra.org to find a teacher in your area or give me a call for assistance.

 Western Reiki Training


As a Western Reiki Master Teacher in the lineage of  Mikao Usui as taught by Mrs. Hawayo Takata,  I am available to teach all three levels or degrees of western Reiki upon request . Courses are taught using the teaching manuals and curriculum recommendations of the International Center for Reiki Training as a guideline.  


Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level One: 1st Degree

Reiki Level one is a western Reiki foundation certificate course.  The Reiki 1 level is for personal use and providing direct hands on healing for others and animals.  Western Reiki as passed down from Hawayo Takata Sensei and her Reiki Masters focuses on learning  12 Foundation hand positions created by Takata to  give  a full treatment.  Students receive attunements to enable them to channel Reiki.  Course includes a Reiki 1 & 2 manual published by the International Center for Reiki Training and a certificate from the International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP) upon completion of training.  Tuition: $350

Usui Shiki Ryoho Western Reiki Level Two: 2nd Degree

The Reiki level two course is about learning Reiki symbols to help amplify Reiki energy, address emotional, psychological and past life issues as well as send distance healing to support people living far away, situations, countries or the planet.  Your imagination is the only limit to your ability to be of service with Reiki.  Intention is everything.

In this course you will learn all of the following:

  • Learn 3 Reiki symbols: one to amplify Reiki energy, one to address emotional and  mental causes of stress and disease and one to initiate distance healing work

  • Receive Reiki II Attunement

  • Learn about the chakra energy centers, their role in your health and how to support and balance these centers.

  • Learn the principals of distance healing that transcends time and space

Note:  A minimum of 1- 3 months is recommended between Reiki 1 and the Reiki 2 course to allow for students to acclimate to the attunements of Reiki 1 and have time to practice becoming familiar with Reiki energy. When taught in Japan, Reiki 1 and 2 were not taught together except when the teacher was traveling and then it was taught over a period of 5 days!

Prerequisite:  Western Reiki 1, personal practice and one month for attunement.   Tuition: $450

33 Hour Western Reiki Master Class 

This class is for the serious student who wishes to further develop their own Reiki practice and teach western Reiki.  The student receives the 4th symbol and is taught how to administer western Reiki attunements. Additional advanced healing tools including aura cleaning, use of crystals, pendulum, guided visualization and other techniques are also included in this course for the advanced student. 

​A minimum of one year is preferred following the western Reiki 2 course for practice to develop experience discriminating energy by giving healings before pursuing further training with the Master Class.  All students are required to assist in healing circles during their course, student teach designated sections of the western Usui Reiki 1 and 2 courses and provide assistance during student direct healing practice time.

The western Usui Master Reiki Class is a 33 hour course composed of 3-4 hour monthly or bi-weekly segments plus healing circles and teaching experience. 

Cost is $700.00  per student: includes Reiki master manual and formal certificate. The western Master Reiki manual provided for this course is published by the International Center for Reiki Training.  


Send email to apply or receive more information. 

Reiki Open House Events

New Reiki Open House events are on hold during the pandemic.

 Reiki samplings are available in West Harrison on Sundays. Please Call Anne at 914-588-4079 to arrange for your Reiki experience.






   Larchmont - April 5, 2019                                   Holmes, NY - January 25, 2020


Come learn and experience Reiki for yourself at this fun Reiki Open House.  Anne Bentzen will lead an introduction followed by Q & A regarding Jikiden Reiki and its benefits.  Mini sessions will be available for the public to "try out" Reiki.  The experience of Reiki is more powerful than words can describe.  A donation of $25 is gratefully appreciated at an Open House event.​​


​​Classes are no longer taught in Armonk due to the pandemic.  

Small classes may be taught upon request in your home for groups limited to 4. 

 Call 914-588-4079 for details


"You are an awesome teacher - Knowledgeable, kind and patient - I truly enjoyed our time together."
    - Monica C.  A Healer's Healer


"I've recently had the good fortune to experience an energy healing session from Anne Bentzen. Anne has the presence of an Angel plus the skill, technique and intuition of a Master. Her energy is soft, sensitive, warm, radiant, relaxing, penetrating and deeply healing. I consider hers to be among the best healings I've ever received and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a truly wonderful healer." 

    — Gene K.

​"Thank you Anne for being you and the type of Reiki teacher you are. You made learning it truly a spiritual experience. Your caring and nurturing qualities helped me go beyond my own capacity to learn. Your approach, ability to teach, and your genuine love of Reiki assisted my grasping this knowledge. I know many Reiki Masters but, it was your inner qualities of love and joy for Reiki that made me choose to study with you. As I continue to embrace my journey of Reiki, I want to take this time to thank you for helping me in learning Reiki 1 and Reiki 2.  You, Anne Bentzen, are a Master Teacher well worth acknowledging!"​ 

     -JoAnn M.  

​"I have known and, and taken REIKI Levels 1 and 2 from three different REIKI Masters...I learned more in one class with Anne than I did with the complete classes of my other 2 masters.  Anne has a quiet passion when it comes to REIKI.  This permeating passion exudes from her spirit (and remarkable hands) and she generously shares with with any person who has an interest in learning about REIKI.  She is gentle and powerful, knowledgeable and 100% committed to each person's wellness through this remarkable form of energy healing."

    -  B. English

​"Anne Bentzen is an experienced and dedicated professional who has treated me using Reiki dozens of times, as well as done Esoteric Healing on me long distance. She is gentle and caring, offering physical relaxation and healing to both my body and soul. She has gifted hands and uses different adjuncts to increase the effectiveness of the healing (e.g., crystals, incense, music). I cannot sing her praises highly enough. Anne has increased my understanding of spiritual matters, calmed my emotions and opened my heart. I think anyone who uses her will benefit tremendously from her energy, her knowledge and her delightful way of being."
      - I. Bindman, Ph.D.   

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