One who is connected to the Energy Stream is more powerful than a million who are not.

-Abraham Hicks


 Anne has been a dedicated Reiki teacher and practitioner with a private practice in  Westchester County New York for over a decade.  Trained in both “Eastern” style Reiki by the Jikiden Reiki Institute and as a “Western” Usui and Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher, Anne has enjoyed sharing Reiki with hundreds of students and clients. Certified in 2019 as a Shihankaku, junior teacher, through the Japanese Jikiden Reiki Institute with the chairman of the Institute, Tadao Yamaguchi Sensei in Nova Scotia, Canada, Anne now offers the Reiki 1 course of Jikiden Reiki (Shoden) class seminars, Jikiden Reiki exchanges, Reiki Open House introductions and Shoden course reviews for Jikiden Reiki students. Weekly zoom calls are available for Jikiden Reiki students to support their practice and enhance their understanding of Japanese culture.

In June  2019, Anne retired as an occupational therapist from the Ardsley School District where she worked as a staff OT for 22 years.  Serving as an OT for 40 years in Westchester, Anne worked in various school settings, pediatric and adult rehabilitation hospitals.  Using her allied health background and experience as a mother and wife, Anne enriches her healing practice with genuine compassion, patience and a warm gentle touch.  Her healing voice assists clients in releasing limiting beliefs and old emotional wounds to enable transformative healing.  

Supporting the power of Reiki, Anne offers clients her skilled training in the use of crystal energy, creating customized crystalline grids and designing custom Bach Flower essence blends.  These subtle energies support healing and facilitate subconscious shifts to support your personal transformation and intentions.  Anne offers healing sessions Sundays in West Harrison and regularly participates at the Awaken Wellness Fair in Tarrytown each Spring and Fall.  Anne hosts Reiki Open Houses, special programs for Jikiden Reiki practitioners and is available to teach workshops on personal energy mastery.


Reiki as a Complementary Therapy

Reiki provides a holistic and complementary way of serving a person's health needs by supporting them physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. From her experience as an Occupational Therapist, Anne enriches her healing practice by assisting clients to bridge the gap between traditional medicine and energy healing in order to achieve holistic results that benefit body, mind and spirit.  Reiki is a form of energy healing. Reiki practitioners intuitively channel Reiki energy to restore balance and harmony within the body.  Following the Five Principles of Reki ( The Gokai) will facilitates a shift in consciousness during the healing process. clients will gain greater awareness of themselves, improved mental clarity, emotional stability in relationships and develop a sense of gratitude, optimism and spiritual connection to the world and the Universe.

​Over 90% of today’s illnesses are the result of exposure to prolonged stress or suppressed trauma held within the body. Reiki serves as a powerful detoxification tool to release imbalances often caused by limiting core beliefs and emotional conflicts regardless of when they occurred. Life’s daily stresses can easily imbalance our energy, causing energy stagnation and diminishing the flow of life force energy through and around the body. True health according to Asian medical teachings requires harmony within these subtle bodies of energy in addition to the physical body.  Deep relaxation Inhibits the release of stress hormones.  Physical symptoms from trauma and prolonged stress clear naturally as the subtle flow of life force energy to affected areas is restored allowing your core vibrational frequency and vitality rise. As your energetic health improves, you discover that you are no longer at the mercy of your emotions and can engage in conscious living from your heart.  


​Intuitive Counseling    

Educating clients in supporting their own well-being through positive energy practices is an important aspect of Anne’s healing practice. She is adept at translating seemingly complex wisdom teachings and energy healing principles into practical application for daily life.  In this way Anne empowers clients to discover and strengthen the beautiful
essence that lies within and to face life’s lessons with gratitude as an opportunity to create a more beautiful “garden of well-being” within.  

​Energy healing offers an experience of peace and tranquility as the body achieves balance and homeostasis. For those seeking further exploration on their spiritual journey, Anne offers pineal gland activation to open this master intuitive center of the brain. Located at the center of our brains and related to our perception of light and circadian rhythms, many consider the pineal gland to be the “Seat of the Soul”, hence making it a pertinent part of your emotional and spiritual well-being which will enhance your physical health.

​Energy healing often facilitates a shift in consciousness leading to a greater awareness of oneself, improved mental clarity, emotional stability in relationships, a sense of gratitude, optimism and connection to your world. Emphasizing a quantum perspective and a heart centered living approach,


Anne offers individual sessions for adults and children. Reiki certificate classes held in West Harrison, NY. 

Balancing 4 Life: Mission Statement

The goal of my healing practice is to help you experience relief from daily stressors and physical/emotional symptoms while you simultaneously realize the power you hold with your thoughts and beliefs to influence your reality.  Rebalancing your subtle energy body with Reiki and supporting a shift of your conscious awarenss will empower you to transform your health and well-being for a future of greater happiness and peace. 

We each have an innate ability to heal ourselves. Treating the human energy field

is the missing link to halthcare and well-being.  Reiki restores harmony to your heart and mind.

I look forward to meeting you in the near future to help you realize your best self.

-Anne H. Bentzen, founder of Balancing 4 Life



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