Intuitive counseling is an important part of every session. Everyone is responsible for their own spiritual journey.  As a spiritual colleague recently shared, "You are the CEO of You! You are not the CEO of the Universe."  You only have the ability to change yourself and not anyone else.  We are each responsible for shifting our own perspectives and expanding our awareness of who we are within the world.   The Universe responds to the energy we broadcast and will assist our ability to move into peace and greater harmony with all that is.  


Anne helps clients understand the energetic shifts that they experience occurring and how their outside environment may be changing in response to their energy and vibrational frequency.  More synchronicities and opportunities will appear as you become more  authentically aligned with your True Nature. Life flows and responds to vibrational resonance.



Guided Imagery, Breath Work & Energy Balancing

Visualization through guided imagery is a scientifically proven method utilizing a client's active imagination to engage the unconscious mind to appear as "images" which the conscious mind can recognize.  Utilizing this complementary approach with energy healing may allow clients to connect with and shift their perspective of psycho-physiological issues which allows healing to occur.  Using their 5 senses, clients can connect with mental images surrounding personal issues and locate where this energy is held in the body. Bringing attention to this area of the body with love and compassion, clients are empowered to facilitate healing within through the use of guided imagery. Guided channeled visualizations help clients connect with fragments of themselves in order to restore balance.

Breath Work is an important vehicle for moving energy through the body. Reiki principles emphasize the importance of being heart-centered.  An important role of healing is to help clients shift from "thinking" in their head all the time to "being in their heart" and allowing the heart to be their master control center.  Such a shift in perspective allows clients to respond rather than react to situations.  Clients learn the importance of grounding their energy and releasing stress.  Use of specific breathing techniques can help clients move energy out of their heads and develop self-calming routines that work for their lifestyle.  

Energy balancing is a part of every intuitive therapy session. Intuitive healing therapies including Reiki utilize the awareness of subtle energy to assess where energy may be stagnated in the body.  Reiki serves to facilitate a detoxification process for stagnation in the body encouraging the body to re-balance and restore harmony within.   Acupuncturists also use energetic pathways known as meridians in the body to diagnose, treat and restore the natural flow of life force energy through the body. 

 Your energetic health is paramount to your physical health and well-being. Energetic balancing with Reiki restores a natural energetic flow to all body systems.  Following treatments clients often feel lighter as if a burden has been lifted and their countenance appears brighter when they look in the mirror. Energetic vitality has been restored.  Each client's journey with healing is personal and confidential.  






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