Everything that  exists in the Universe possesses Reiki

- Mikao Usui


Reiki Healing Treatments & Services

Near White Plains & in Scarsdale, NY 

Reiki Energy Healing Sessions 

Remote Healing Services

 Adults - $62.50 or 2 for $125.00

45 - 60 minutes including feedback and guidance

Save with Pkg. of 4 distance healing sessions: $200.00


Direct Healing Services- single sessions

For Adults

First Appointment and Consultation $175

Allow 90 min. - 2  hours

Individual Sessions $125
60 -75 minutes

Sessions Available by Appointment Only
Sundays only
LOCATION:  137 East Lake Street, West Harrison, NY 10604

Optional Location on Request

                                                                         Scarsdale Dental Spa                                                                         &                                                                     700 White Plans Rd., #20           

                     Scarsdale, NY 10583                     

 Economical Multi-Session Reiki Packages Available in West Harrison  



until 2021: 3 1 HR/ SESSIONS/$300

  A Reiki package is excellent for those clients experiencing any health crisis, cancer treatment,  to address pain management, surgery, acute emotional distress, insomnia or pregnancy.  Packages of 10 sessions offer the best discount of $100/session.


Adults - RESUMES IN 2021

 $350.00/3 session pkg. (Save $25)
$450.00/ 4 session pkg. (Save $50)

 $550.00/ 5 session pkg. (Save $75)

Sessions of 10 or more are $100 per session

Sessions Available by Appointment 

Location:  137 East Lake Street, West Harrison, NY 10604


Children & Young Adult Reiki Sessions in West Harrison, NY

30 Minute Sessions
For Children 12 and Under  $50

60 Minute Sessions
For Young Adults 13 to 18  $80

Sessions Available by Appointment Only
Sundays only 1-6 pm


137 Lake Street, West Harrison, NY

Enhanced Reiki Session for Reiki Students

30 Min. Healing Reiju/Attunement & 60 Min. Reiki

A 30 minute enhancement improves the flow of life force energy through the body.  This process provides balance and harmony for the body.  In Jikiden Reiki, a Reiju helps to improve the flow of Reiki through the body.  Western Reiki attunements focus on realignment. The Enhanced Reiki session is for students who wish to maximize the flow of Reiki along with receiving a regular 60 minute Reiki session. The Enhanced Session does NOT initiate a client into Reiki.


For Adults Only $200 

Sessions Available by Appointment Only
Sundays Only noon-6 pm


Location: 137 Lake Street, West Harrison, NY

 Jikiden Reiki Opportunities and Special Events ~ Westchester/Putnam 

 Discover extraordinary support in a group healing experience at an upcoming event.  Jikiden Reiki programs including Taiken-Kai, Reiju-Kai and Koryu-Kai are offered for Jikiden Reiki students.  Special events such as Reiki Open House, Full Moon Celebrations or the Awaken Wellness Fairs are opportunities for anyone to come experience the powerful, holistic properties of energy healing.  All ages are welcome. No experience is necessary.  Special events are an opportunity to receive, give and learn more about the nature of our body’s own amazing self-healing mechanisms facilitated by energy healing.  Taiken-Kai is a wonderful way for new people to experience Jikiden Reiki and for Jikiden Reiki students to improve their sensitivity to energy.  Receive 15-20  minutes of Reiki at a special event.   Anne Bentzen, hosts all events. 

 Vision of Hope Healing Circle  

For Anyone with a Life-threatening Illness

and to Support their Families & Caregivers

Experience relaxation from pain and other symptoms associated with illness or treatment side effects including nausea, anxiety, depression, fatigue and or insomnia.  Reiki is widely accepted as an alternative and complementary therapy to traditional medical care.  Guests receive a free 20 minute healing session from volunteer Reiki practitioners.  Massage tables are provided with a minimum of two Reiki practitioners per table for each guest on a first come first serve basis.



Dear Anne, I wanted  to  tell you what a profound healing session I had with you.  You are  such a gifted healer .  I feel I turned a corner after your session.

-K. Shelhart  


Thank you, Anne, for the gift of Reiki. Each healing session has resulted in a new level of well-being and spiritual awareness. My first session released long-suppressed emotions and healed my gall bladder pain. Another session awakened a formerly-unimagined, pervasive sense of joy. It strengthened my sense of connection with everyone and everything. Yet another gave me the realization that I had never fully committed to life in this world and helped me to finally feel grounded. Thank you for your insights and your skillful, intuitive healing.   


- G. Christie

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