October's Escalating Challenges

The pandemic is now over 7 months old.  We have adjusted to a strange new lifestyle. While a second wave of the pandemic is beginning with Autumn, we have adjusted to the demands of staying safe while COVD cases increase.  Athough many people even in NY still forget to put on a mask before entering a store, we are constantly reminded daily by the news of just how many have died or have been infected with the Coronavirus.  It is impossible to plan our future at this time.  No one knows what news will surface tomorrow.  That creates a lot of anxiety for each of us for our relationships, our jobs, education for kids in school, or just trying to stay connected with family and friends to preserve

Collective Upheaval and Awareness

Oct. 1st. 2020 October Challenge: As we enter the last quarter of the year, October begins with a Full Moon in Aries and will end with a second Full Moon on Halloween known as a blue moon because it is the second full moon in a month. This happens every 2.5 – 3 years. But a full moon on Halloween is more rare and has not happened since 1944. It is also the last day of daylight savings.  Now that Earth is traveling through the constellation Libra which is associated with balance, harmony, cooperation and collaboration we are being asked to make a commitment and demonstrate dedication to the path we are choosing. Our dedication to the decisions we make “to do” what we say we will is essentia

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