Creating Emotional Well-Being with Reiki

What are triggers? Triggers are stress signals of a potential psychological/emotional conflict between us and another person or situation that suggests a threat to our way of being. Releasing triggers is essential for our emotional health and also leads to spiritual growth. As we master our ability to release triggers, we find we are able to protect our emotional health and therefore our physical health. Our mind evaluates situations in a logical way. The impulses of the brain, however, are to survive at all costs. It’s archaic form of problem analysis has not changed in 4.5 million years. It knows nothing of God, the cosmos or the Universe. The brain’s world is our 3D world. All i

Discover Remote Healing Options

Remote healing often referred to as distance healing is an excellent way to maintain a strong immune system and energetic balance during these days of Coronavirus lockdown. Both distance Reiki and the use of BACH flower essences are excellent healing tools for use in addition to using crystals to support your well-being when in-person healing sessions are not possible with a practitioner. As we know, everything is energy. We are energy and so are our thoughts. Energy is the foundation of all form and exists beyond the time and space structure that we live within on planet Earth. Through Reiki training it is possible to connect with the energy of others in need and “send” them Reiki to th

Using the Power of Consciousness

With so many of our normal daily activities disrupted, schools and sporting venues and events cancelled, restaurants closing, and worship services cancelled due to the Corona virus, we are all left wondering what’s next and what do we do now? Just wait? Is there something else we can be doing? It is impossible to go about “business as usual” because nothing is “normal” anymore. A friend of mine aptly described the virus as a major reset for all of humanity. I agree. We are forced to pay attention and live in the NOW moment as our schedules have been tossed in the shredder. Something we NEED and must do now besides taking all of the necessary hygiene and social precautions is to NOT feed

Dismantle Fear - Focus on Creation

Welcome to March! The Coronavirus known as Covid-19 has spread globally from the original outbreak in Wuhan, China to South Korea, Iran, Italy, Europe and USA. This virus is similar to the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) virus of 2002 which also jumped from bats to humans. While the flu has been felt to be a greater threat than the Covid-19 the rapid spread of this new virus is beginning to cause shutdowns for businesses schools and services worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO), our Center for Disease Control (CDC) along with federal and local governments are working around the clock to step up their preparedness and contain the spread of Covid-19. While economic ma

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