Paradigm Shift Inspires Soulful Exploration

Greetings everyone, Cold and rainy weather is not what we typically think of during mid-May! Many have experienced sinus and allergy problems since the early May sudden burst of pollen. Next week things will finally begin to feel more seasonable. I want to alert everyone to some powerful energy changes and encourage you to pay extra attention to subtle cues you may receive in the coming weeks that can inspire you to explore new initiatives or fulfill a desire to live what you truly value. Be alert. Let the lunar cycles trigger your curiosity for beginning something new, something more soulful. A powerful New Moon in Taurus on Tuesday, May 15th has been followed hours later by a new p

Aligning with Truth

Greetings Everyone, This first week of May has seemed more like summer than spring. Spring rains have thankfully cooled things down. It is a big boost for the plant kingdom to continue sprouting tender young shoots and leaves without further intense heat. Gardeners are rejoicing and I am one of them! May energies continue the theme of pushing truth and mental elevation to new heights. Mental elevation refers to seeing things in a different way. Collective humanity is shifting. Maryland just enacted a comprehensive Public Safety and Violence Prevention Act joining 5 other states to address gun violence in the wake of record homocides and school shootings. An infamous Basque militant gr

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