There is an exchange of  vibration in occurrence in all matter and every thought has impact. Your vibration is inclusive of the thoughts that you hold.

- Paul Selig, 

Book of Mastery

All choices are made from love or fear. Everything happens for a reason. You are in charge of how you  respond.

- James Von Praagh



Featured in Westchester Edition Natural Awakenings Magazine - February 2020

Subtle Energy Healing For Health - 

By Anne Bentzen, owner of Balancing4Life


Working with subtle energies, Westchester energy healer and Reiki teacher, Anne Bentzen, helps clients rebalance and achieve conscious healing through the use of three subtle energies: channeling life force energy with Reiki, providing custom Bach flower essence blends to address specific mental/emotional blocks and using the power of crystals to rebalance and realign your energetic pathways.  “Subtle energies”, Anne states, “are immensely powerful but gentle in bringing unconscious emotions to the surface for healing.  We cannot heal what we are not conscious of”.  Under the guidance of a skilled practitioner, these subtle energies can be tremendously helpful in releasing trauma, relieving pain, inflammation and stress which are the primary causes of most disease.


Flower essences developed by physician and homeopath, Dr. Edward Bach in England in the 1930’s restore an alignment between the personality and the soul healing this spiritual rift.  Customized blends are created by Anne to address a client’s specific needs.  Crystals add rebalancing energy during Reiki healing sessions or as a separate body layout therapy through their specific geometric lattice structure to energize, dissipate, ground, cleanse and purify.  Crystalline grids designed by Anne for your home or office use the power of sacred geometry and energetically aligned stones charged with a specific intention to shift the environment and manifest a particular objective.


Services are available from her main office in Armonk as well as in Scarsdale and Eastchester. See Calendar listing for Anne’s upcoming Jikiden Reiki Shoden course from Japan on February 8-9 in Larchmont. 



-Featured in Westchester Edition Natural Awakenings Magazine December 2019

Energy Healing - Essential for Good Health - By Anne Bentzen, MSOT


Anne Bentzen, an energy healer and Jikiden Reiki teacher/practitioner in Westchester educates her clients on understanding the importance of personal energy mastery.  “The secret to good health and well-being”, Anne says, “begins by understanding that as human beings we are essentially an energy form.  Everything is energy.”  Energy healers provide a vital service for restoring and maintaining health for body, mind and spirit.

Everyone experiences daily stress at home and work. Our bodies store excess stress that we are unable to naturally release causing stagnation over time.  Eventually this stagnated energy creates dis-ease in the body. You may feel back aches, headaches, indigestion, have insomnia and feel emotionally tired because your energy is running low and you are energetically unbalanced.  When left unaddressed, toxic build-up may lead to disease.

Your body has the wisdom to heal. Energy healers facilitate healing through deep relaxation while improving the natural flow of life force energy to help the body release stagnated energy.  Clients realize relief from anxiety, depression, pain, inflammation, sciatica and regain movement and balance. Improved circulation speeds healing, improves sleep and immunity. Side effects of pharmaceutical drugs and medical treatments are reduced. Emotional well-being comes with responsible energy management. 


Everyone has the innate ability to heal.  Anne will be teaching the Reiki 1 Shoden course of Jikiden Reiki February 8-9, 2020 at a private residence in Larchmont. Jikiden Reiki is a healing art from Japan which teaches the original hands-on healing methods and Reiki philosophy for the improvement of body and mind..


-Featured in Westchester Edition natural Awakenings Magazine September 2019

Introducing Direct Teaching of Jikiden Reiki – By Anne Bentzen, MSOT


Reiki is an alternative and complementary healing art originating in Japan in the 1920’s.   It has gained worldwide popularity.  Many hospitals, integrative healing centers and nursing homes offer Reiki as a service.  Reiki supports the body’s ability to heal naturally restoring physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Numerous benefits have been documented anecdotally from the use of Reiki to reduce stress, pain, inflammation, lower blood pressure, anxiety, improve immunity and instill peace and tranquility in recipients.  Reiki is an excellent natural, drug-free home therapy for adults, teenagers, young children and even pets.


Jikiden Reiki is the oldest form of Reiki being taught directly from the lineage of Dr. Chujiro Hayashi who was a student of the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui Sensei.  Jikiden Reiki shares the original hands-on healing teachings, philosophy and spirit of Reiki from Hayashi Sensei. The Jikiden Reiki Institute founded in 2000 by Hayashi Sensei’s student, Chiyoko Yamaguchi Sensei and her son, Tadao Yamaguchi Sensei  promoting Jikiden Reiki worldwide.

Anne Bentzen, an established Reiki practitioner and energy healer in Westchester has now become an assistant teacher (Shihankaku) for Jikiden Reiki. “I am excited to bring Jikiden Reiki to the Westchester area so more people can appreciate the power and simplicity of Reiki in its original form.”  


An introduction to Jikiden Reiki and healing circle will be held on Sunday,Oct. 6th at the home of Diane Lyras in Larchmont  from 4-6 pm. Donation $10. RSVP to Anne at 914-588-4079. Space is limited. The Shoden Reiki 1 course of Jikiden Reiki will be offered as a weekend retreat at the Holmes Camp and Retreat Center in Holmes, NY on November 15-17th. Tuition is $350.  All meals are included with accommodation pricing. Register at:  Questions may be directed to


-Featured in Westchester Edition Natural Awakenings Magazine: February 2019


Local March Retreat - Walking Powerfully in the World - By Anne H. Bentzen,  MSOT, RMT

2019 brings an opportunity for creative energies and expansion. Westchester Reiki
Master and Teacher, Anne Bentzen, is excited to offer a special, local retreat March 8-
10 th at the Holmes Camp and Retreat Center in Holmes, NY to help you start the new
year. “Walking Powerfully in the World” is a weekend retreat focusing on personal
energy mastery for 2019. This course is about understanding energy and taking
responsibility for the life you create. Everything is energy. Anne teaches energetic
awareness and empowerment to help you create personal boundaries and learn to use
emotions without becoming them. “Personal energy mastery means being fully present,”
says Anne. “As we raise our vibrational frequency, we claim our power to choose the life
we want to live.” Discover four pillars of heart centered living that will foster greater
personal peace and help you live in alignment with your higher self. Living from the
heart allows more of your Divine nature to shine through.
The retreat includes energy and movement exercises, meditation and a special sound
bath experience Saturday evening featuring professional musician, Kathy Shelhart, from
the Byram Hills School District. On Sunday morning the retreat concludes with an
interfaith service and healing circles using the power of intention.

Program begins at 7 pm on Friday, March 8 and concludes Sunday at noon. Various
accommodations are available. Register at: 845-878-6383.
Cost includes meals and 2 nights lodging at Holmes Camp and Retreat Center, 60
Denton Lake Road in Holmes, NY.

Program begins at 7 pm on Friday, March 8 and concludes Sunday at noon. Various


-Featured in Westchester Edition Natural Awakenings Magazine: May 2017

An Understanding of Energy – By Anne Bentzen, MSOT, RMT

Insights on energy management for personal well-being


This coming Saturday, May 6th, energy healers, Anne Bentzen, Carol Essig and Sherry DiNapoli will conclude a four part series on energy management with a program on the Sacred Nature of Energy.  This program has been a collaborative effort initiated by Anne Bentzen last fall.  “The balance of energy has shifted significantly since the procession of the equinoxes in December of 2012, says Anne. This program has been very popular helping anyone understand basic energy concepts, how to raise their vibration, use energy tools to amplify their energy and have a greater connection to their Higher Self.” 

Everyone is welcome to join the final class as we discuss the sacred aspects of energy, its creative source and how to work energetically with other dimensions. Learning to trust the Benevolence Factor is a key component to living in flow with synchronicity and vertical alignment. The class will conclude with an initiation into the diamond light which will be conducted by all three practitioners for the benefit of the group.  The exercise will create an energetic vortex to augment intuitive sight abilities with the pineal gland.

This program will be held at Golden Temple Yoga in Katonah from 2 – 4 pm on Sat., May 6th.  Cost $40. Online registration is available at 



-Featured in Westchester Edition Natural Awakenings Magazine:  October 2015 Issue



On October 28th Westchester Reiki Master, Anne Bentzen, will sponsor the second Vision of Hope Healing Circle at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Mt. Kisco, NY for those struggling with cancer or another life-threatening illness. Services are also available for family members and other caregivers. As a Reiki Master Teacher, Anne Bentzen, has gathered many NY/CT area practitioners to voluntarily serve the public on a first come, first serve basis from 7-9 pm for free. A meditation space will be available for the public to enjoy the energy and music during the evening.  

​Over 1.5 million Americans have now experienced the energy healing properties of Reiki, a Japanese healing art which is recognized as a biofield therapy within Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). Cancer patients find relief in the deep relaxation response which reduces pain and other side effects of the disease and treatment protocol including anxiety, fatigue, nausea and insomnia. Studies show use of Reiki to be highly significant for pain management. As Reiki calms the nervous system, it inhibits stress hormone production allowing the body’s natural healing abilities to take over which in turn, improve immune function and enhance the effectiveness of conventional treatments.

​Reiki is safe, has no known side effects and provides healing simultaneously on all levels: emotional, mental, spiritual and physical. Treating the emotional/mental aspects of cancer and other illnesses, Reiki enables patients to release negative emotions and limiting core beliefs which often underlie illness. Strengthening a positive emotional attitude allows patients to love themselves and live with gratitude. Many leading cancer centers and medical hospitals including Northern Westchester Hospital offer Reiki as a service. The Vision of Hope Healing Circle is an excellent opportunity patients and their families to discover the healing benefits of Reiki.

​The Vision of Hope Healing Circle will be at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 236 South Bedford Rd., Rt. 172 in Mt. Kisco from 7 – 9 pm. For more info, visit Practitioners can register to participate in this event by contacting Anne Bentzen, MSOT, RMT at 914-588-4079.​


-Published in Natural Awakenings magazine September 2014   



  The recent passing of beloved actor and comedian, Robin Williams, has returned public attention to the serious and often hidden torment of depression that afflicts many. Reiki complements mainstream medical treatments with its ability to inhibit the production of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenalin by triggering a deep relaxation response in the body. This response effects the autonomic nervous system by turning off the "fight or flight" response of the sympathetic nervous system and allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to be in charge. Healing can only take place when the body is relaxed and normal cellular growth, hormone regulation and digestion can resume. In addition, the immune system is replenished.

​Founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui, discovered in the 1920's that while he could heal the physical body of his clients with Reiki, they would often return several months later with a different physical symptom. He realized that it was necessary to treat the emotional body as well in order for his clients to achieve true wellness in body, mind and spirit. The 5 Reiki principles which Usui taught in every Reiki 1 class create an "invitation to happiness, the spiritual medicine for all illness". The focus of these principles is heart centered living within the present moment. Usui recognized that anger and worry were the two primary poisons of the mind which keep a person preoccupied with past issues or concerns about the future. Gratitude opens the heart and is the antidote for anger and worry. This is the heart of Reiki. Incorporating the 5 principles into your life has immeasurable benefits.

​Just for today...I will not anger

Just for today...I will not worry

Just for today...I will be grateful and give thanks for my blessings.

Just for today...I will do my work honestly.

Just for today...I will be kind to myself and every living thing.

​Where attention goes, energy flows. All potentiality exists in the present moment. Waves of possibility don’t become solid until we put our attention on them. Anne offers deeper understanding of the spiritual healing of Reiki through her private practice, Reiki courses and monthly healing circles. 

Register online for courses and healing circles at: Healing Circles and Reiki courses are held at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 236 South Bedford Rd, Rt. 172, Mt. Kisco. Private practice locations in Armonk and Eastchester. Further information available at: or call 914-588-4079. 


​-Published in Natural Awakenings Magazine September 2013


Reiki Offers a New Reality for Wellness by Anne H. Bentzen, MSOT, RMT

​ Surviving in today’s world requires honesty, cooperation and a willingness to change your perspective on outdated beliefs. Anne Bentzen, MSOT, RMT an experienced occupational therapist and intuitive Reiki Master Teacher assists clients in managing stress to improve their physical health and well-being. More importantly she helps clients make the essential distinction between who they are versus their situation. Your perception of your environment is critical to your well being. Cell biologist and author, Bruce Lipton, PhD shows scientific proof through cellular processes that your life “ is mediated by your perception of your environment, not your genes.”  

​ Reiki, a hands-on energy healing method originating from Japan in the 1920’s, has the ability to help you alter your perceptions, provide restorative balance from environmental stressors and assist you in creating a more harmonious lifestyle. Reiki is an effective, healing system that removes energetic blocks which restrict the flow of life force energy to our organs and tissues. By facilitating a deep relaxation response, Reiki provides the environmental signal to your cells to inhibit the production of stress hormones such as adrenalin and cortisol. This allows the parasympathetic nervous system to return the body to its natural growth processes and self-healing ability. Reiki is a widely accepted complementary modality in hospitals, clinics and hospices today.

​A gifted teacher, Anne is adept at making the seemingly complicated easy to understand. StarVisions, Inc. will host Anne teaching Reiki 1 Sept. 28/29 and Reiki 2 Oct. 26/27 at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Mt. Kisco. Join the next monthly healing circle on Sept. 17th. Private healing sessions are available in Armonk, Eastchester and Cross River. See for additional information.

​Register online for courses and healing circles at: Cost $150.00 Reiki 1. Healing Circles: $25 adults/students $15 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 236, So Bedford Rd, Rt. 172, Mt. Kisco. Further information, call 914-588-4079. 

​-Published in Natural Awakenings Magazine October 2012


Quantum Healing Circle Brings Energy Insights by Anne H. Bentzen, MSOT, RMT

​Come join the next Quantum Healing Circle on Thursday, October, 25th from 7- 9 pm. Anne Bentzen, MSOT, RMT began offering this new monthly healing circle last month through StarVisions at SunRaven in Bedford, NY. Each circle is a special evening of wisdom teachings, movement exercises, guided meditation and integrative energy healing intended to allow participants to discover the energetic connections behind classic wisdom teachings. Understanding how energetic principles apply to ancient wisdom teachings provides an experiential style of learning that is more easily remembered. This program allows one to move into an experience of energetic knowing and greater understanding of the relationship between our intentions, actions and way of being through simple exercises. You will gain an awareness and appreciation for the energy you hold, receive and your personal responsibility for outcomes and what you give to the world.

As an occupational therapist for many years before becoming an experienced intuitive energy healer, Anne is adept at making the seemingly complicated easy to understand with her functional approach. The program is designed to be interactive and fun for all regardless of their experience with energy. Each person will have the opportunity to give and receive healing energy. See for information on other SunRaven programs and drumming circles sponsored by StarVisions. Private healing sessions are available in Bedford, Armonk and Cross River. See for additional information.

Register online: Cost $25.00 Limit: 12 persons. 

SunRaven is located at 501 Guard Hill Road, Bedford. Further information, call 914-588-4079. 

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