June Energies-Living with a Healthy Ego-Answer the Call for Unity


      Make your State of Being your #1 Priority 

Summer is officially here!  Everything is in flux. Volatility of energies can be expected to fluctuate continually for the remainder of the year.  The fireworks are just beginning.

What can you do to support
a more peaceful future
than what you know now?

How do we fortify ourselves
for the remainder of 2024?

 Embody Your I AM Presence
and live with a Healthy Ego

 Your I AM presence is your Divine nature. As we say, “Namaste”, we recognize our own divinity within ourselves and the divinity within all others.  In Truth, we are all equally important aspects of the One Energy of Creation.  Each of us as Beings of Light and Energy are unique.  Both our presence and our absence when we leave our human bodies is felt by the Universe. Living with awareness of our I AM presence expands all of our creative faculties of thought and feeling leading to new 5th dimensional heart-based creations where fear does not exist.

 Try this exercise:

Consciously invite your soul to be a part of your life every day, to inspire you, to guide you with its wisdom, to comfort you and love you. Walk through your day knowing that your humanness is only a part of you who truly are.  By consciously connecting every morning and night, you will actively maintain your spiritual connection to All that Is.  Feel gratitude and love flowing back to you as you acknowledge the Truth of who you are. 

“I know who I am in Truth.
 I know what I am in Truth.
 I know how I serve in Truth.”
Channeled by Paul Selig:
“The Guides” – Energy of Melchizedek

 What is a Healthy Ego?

 A healthy ego is loving and is able to protect itself from unnecessary interference.  It is able to know and discern healthy heart-based from fear-based energies and create healthy boundaries regarding people, interactions and the environment.  Healthy egos respond with heart-based higher vibrational frequency actions or inaction as may be required in any situation. If you find yourself sinking into reactivity or vengeful actions. Choose Again.

Use your “Free Will” to surround yourself with higher frequencies. Consciously resonate with other people who exhibit more heart-based living. Move away from the old fear-based personality human ego patterns of survival or control over another. Rather than focusing on the flaws of others (or yourself), direct your attention to lovingly support the best expression of who they are (and you are). Hold a space for Love.  Today’s children are particularly receptive to your ability to provide a loving environment of potential for them. Whether or not you are a teacher, parent or grandparent, discover how powerful you are as a co-creator by deliberately holding an energetic field of love.

As a reader of this blog, you are an Old Soul.  You have been preparing for lifetimes to be a Peaceful Presence for this evolutionary shift in Human Consciousness.  The Universe celebrates your courage. 

Patricia Cota-Robles, angelic channel at Era of states that America is an anagram for “I AM RACE”. – A race of conscious souls comprising all races, all religions, all nationalities, all cultures and all creeds. As such, the United States of America is destined to literally become a microcosm for the macrocosm of Humanity on Earth.

Our ability to thoughtfully choose leaders who will model heart-based authentic, fair, and compassionate leadership will help us achieve this destiny.  The potential and the timeline for a new reality is under our control through our Free-Will of choice.