May Energies- Breaking New Ground & Opportunity for Expansion


Now is an important time to check in with yourself after the intensity of April. It’s been emotionally intense. Many clients have reported how challenging their personal life was in April. World events have also reflected this shake-up.  Humanity has been through an energetic washing machine and we are ready to start anew with the warmer weather and sunshine as Spring bursts forth. 

People are craving stability, peace and time to nurture themselves. The world has been moving so fast.  We all want a break. May is your opportunity to reset, reboot, restore and recalibrate.  

We are in a recalibration phase for the next few months from all of the purging that we have done, letting go of bad habits, self-sabotaging, bad relationships, over-scheduling ourselves, over-giving, and just not attending to our own needs.  Listen to your body. Rest, sleep more, give your body good nutrients and plenty of water! 

What is really important to you?

 Get clear on your values. Look back over the last 6-12 months. What progress have you made?  Have gratitude and awareness for how far you have come along.  What is no longer worth your time or effort anymore?  Nurture your soul. Spend time in Nature. Really be aware with all your senses while you are outdoors. Everytime you ground, you become present. When you are present, you are available to receive new information from your soul self through your intuition.  May offers a New Path to live from your heart.

        It’s time to own your power as a “Unique” facet of life.

 May brings upliftment. How you show up in the world has a ripple effect. New energies have been increasingly flooding the planet for several months.  We are evolving as we create new ground with greater heart-mind coherence. Awakening means that we are consciously choosing to develop a connection to our intuition and our soul self that is our Divine essence and the source of infinite love. Your enlightenment to who you Truly are creates wisdom.  

Commit to being as fully yourself as you can be. 

Each of us has an impact on the world, even when we don’t recognize it. You can be the source of something positive in the world that others recognize and value. The way you show up in the world has a spiritual ripple effect on everyone and everything else. 

Just be you! 

If you continually beat yourself up about past things you regret, you will not be unable to move forward. Now is the time to reclaim your heart and your ability to be present. When you heal with forgiveness, you will bring your heart back online and be able to move forward.   Enjoy the month of May!                                                             Go to Upcoming Events page