April’s Solar Eclipse Changing Humanity’s Path Forward


April’s Solar Eclipse

Changing the Trajectory

for Humanity’s Path Forward

2024 is a very special year for the evolution of humanity’s consciousness. You intentionally arranged to be here on the Earth at this special moment in humanity’s history to awaken. Each generation benefits from the Awakening of the previous generations. Younger generations have benefitted greatly from baby boomers and traditionalists who have awakened in their later years.  This is how humanity evolves. Your conscious healing work now will aid the evolution of future generations.

As I unravel some of symbolism surrounding the upcoming solar eclipse you will begin to understand the potential this event holds for each of you both individually and for humanity as a whole. Astrology gives us insights as a mathematical science of potentialities.  During every solar eclipse, the Sun, considered a symbol of the radiance and vitality of the Divine Masculine is shaded briefly by the moon, representing the Divine Feminine which reflects the light of the sun.  With this year’s solar eclipse occuring in the first zodiac sign of Aries, we have an opportunity to create a new beginning and to change the trajectory of humanity towards a more peaceful humanitarian society that will support greater social justice, share global resources to end poverty, end violence and promote health and education worldwide.

 What makes the April 8th solar eclipse special?

 The April 8th solar eclipse is on an Aries-Libra axis where we have the opportunity to let go of old tendencies from Libra in the south node (our past)  to no longer engage in people pleasing, or self-sabotaging our own desires in order to keep the peace within our various relationships, both personal and professional. It is time to remove the Libra mask of sacrificing your own power to avoid conflict.

The April 8th solar eclipse in Aries which is exact with the north lunar node (our future) offers us the courage and freedom to claim our true authentic expression, our passion and to be of greater service to others. This solar eclipse will give you the courage to stand in your own true unique expression. Create healthier personal boundaries and facilitate a rebalancing of all your relationships moving forward.

We are being encouraged to rebalance our masculine-feminine relationships and re-establish an ages old imbalance of power which has existed for 5,000 years since the Age of Aries which was characterized by domination and conquering. We are now shifting paradigms as we enter the Age of Aquarius towards humanitariaism, social justice and equality. This eclipse offers a powerful incentive for the future to create balanced masculine-feminine relationships where there is an equality of masculine action and feminine intuitive wisdom.  By finally healing the shadow aspects of Aries, we will begin to live in harmony with each other and the Earth.

Many astrologers speak of the importance of Chiron with this eclipse. Chiron, a minor planet whose orbit behaves like a comet, was discovered in 1977. Nicknamed “the wounded healer” from Greek mythology, Chiron travels in an orbit between Saturn and Uranus.  It returns once in our lives around age 50-51 to the date of our birth where we may revisit old intergenerational wounds.

Chiron will be exact with the 2024 solar eclipse in Aries on April 8th. As such, it calls us to release intergenerational wounds from childhood that only we can heal. Intergenerational traumas are the result of life circumstances that leads to intergenerational programming over issues such as a scarcity mindset, worthiness or your right to be heard, just to name a few.    Knowing where Chiron is in your astrology chart can help you transform old limiting beliefs and generational pain into wisdom. Find out which house Chiron is in your natal chart for clues to your intergenerational wounds.

The partial solar eclipse in NY on April 8th will reach its maximum magnitude at 3:25 pm.  Pay attention to your dreams, your intuition, and what is inspiring to your heart. These may be nudges from spirit and your soul self to follow a new path, to make new connections.

The 2024  solar eclipse will awaken thousands to a new level of sensitivity, compassion and kindness as it elevates humanity’s consciousness in the coming months. You are invited to be part of a movement to shift the consciousness of humanity. And,  this movement will pull others to awaken also. If you participate in the Stargate Circles, you are already on the leading edge of this evolutionary process.

Know that “Love” is the binding force of light bringing truth to all. As we begin to love ourselves and others while forgiving the past, the energy from this solar eclipse will help us riccochet our love in all directions. Celebrate who you truly are and the freedom that this awakening will bring for all humanity.


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