March Energies Courage to Create Anew



    March Energies

Courage to Create

Spring is about to powerfully burst forth.  As new shoots boldy push through the soil towards the sunlight, we feel renewed by the eternal promise of Spring. A better tomorrow lies just over the horizon.  We are being pushed individually and collectively to evolve, to become more accepting of one another and to create a more peaceful, sustainable world where all have an opportunity to thrive. Feel the courage to stand in your truth and create the life you want this month. Daylight savings begins this weekend. More light each day brings clarity to your desires. 

With the Spring Equinox arriving on 3/19, planting season is just around the corner.  Prepare now. Use March to set your intentions to direct your energy for an amazing year.
    What do you want to do differently                                        this year?

Take advantage of the March Pisces spiritual energies to connect with the deepest parts of you, your psyche and  your heart. Use March to reflect on what you find deeply fulfilling. What do you enjoy doing that brings joy or helps others to thrive or brings more truth and abundance to their lives?  What brings you a sense of gratification? Ask the BIG question.                                                                                                 Why am I here?
         What is my soul calling me to do?

Spring holds the most energy for new beginnings. March is a pivotal month to write a new chapter and create your plans. Reconnect with your vision and gain valuable insight into what you need to do to experience healing, the joy of better health, happier relationships, financial abundance and the fulfillment you crave.  

What would you like to feel and experience? Many of us are still hesitating to nurture our personal needs due to perceived obligations and/or responsibilities for others.  Are you still putting yourself last? When was the last time you honored your own needs?  No one can give from an empty cup!  This is not selfish. March is the perfect time for inner reflection and to feed your soul.  Give yourself the luxury of some quiet time to ponder these question. Get out in nature.  As you gain a sense of direction for your future, your heart energy will fill with enthusiasm to create a new reality bringing more joy and light for all.  Step forward this month with courage to embrace the changes you want to create in your life. Love yourself enough to live your best life. 


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