February Energies Initiate Transformative Changes


February Energies

Initiate Transformative Changes

Welcome to February and New Beginnings!

2024 energies are ramping up.  We have left the reflective period of January and 2023 where we reevaluated what changes  we wanted for our lives moving forward.   February is the month for you to “take action” on your vision and the decisions you have made for a new future. More than any other month, February 2024 is the most opportunistic month for new beginnings and creating a new direction for yourself.  Why is that?

February will be a month of deep transformation. It is a Universal “1” month (2+2+0+2+4=10 Ten becomes one. 1+0= “1”.  The energy of the “1”  is all about the individual, starting a new cycle, boldness, innovation, inventions, inspiration and for initiating a new action. Pluto’s powerful position at “0” degrees of Aquarius energizes Aquarian new directions, attitudes, and actions. February’s energy will motivate you to move out into the world more boldly with an entrepreneur, pioneering spirit, to express your talents, gifts and ideas that are uniquely yours. 

Astrologically, we have a retrograde free sky.  That means, “All Systems Go!” With Pluto in Aquarius we can expect to witness a 2nd industrial revolution in technological innovations and inventions that will change our lives in amazing ways over the next 20 years while Pluto travels through Aquarius. Pluto’s past travels through Aquarius sparked the American revolution, the French revolution and the industrial revolution.

As much as Aquarius is about humanitarian ideals as a society, it is also about individual expression.  We are being called to share our unique gifts in our own special way that will support a stronger more diversified society. Believe in your unique abilities. Do not compare yourself with others. That is a recipe for non-action. If I had done so, I would have never started my healing practice years ago. Really!

How can you express your uniqueness?
Are you hiding your talents? 
Are you self-sabotaging yourself?
How can you break free from keeping yourself small?  

Co-create your future with conscious intention. Check out “The Magic of Intention” series starting the end of February with a free introductory class on 2/28 to learn how you can use intention to change your reality.  There is only one of you in the world. I urge you to become all that you are! 

Be open to new ideas and information, new experiences, potentials and possibilities. Trust that the Universe wants the best for you as it urges you to open and expand, to raise your frequency. By having an an open awareness you allow your intuition to guide you into the unknown where something better may be just around the corner.

Transformation takes time.  We are all being catalyzed by how fast the world is moving and changing. February, March and April will be pivotal months for deep transformation. Carve out time and space for yourself. Honor your needs as you make changes to reshape your habits, behaviors, relationships, communications, lifestyle choices, etc.  It is not selfish to make your needs a priority over the needs of others when it for your own personal transformation, health and well-being.  By raising your individual vibration you support family, friends, and strangers alike. 

 Native American 7 Generation Principle-
As we change, we effect the 7 generations of our
ancestors as well as the 7 generations yet to come. 

The seventh generation principle is based on an ancient philosophy of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy (Iroquois), which is recognized as the oldest democracy in the world and believed to be the model of the American Constitution, the foundation document of the most powerful and prosperous nation on earth. 2024 offers an opportunity to return to True Sustainability for All Relations and the Earth.


You are indeed a powerful creator.  As you change yourself, you effect 254 ancestors who then change. And, as they change it becomes a domino transformation healing you in return. Let us all begin by making the decision to live life in a harmonious way with others, to not judge but to be of service, to be generous, truthful, loving and kind to all.  Have a beautiful month of February.


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