The Bridge Generation

2024 – You Came to
Be Here Now!

You are the


Welcome to the dynamic year of 2024!

This is a threshold year that has been building since 2017. We are at the end of a 7 year cycle of consciousness acceleration and transformation as we prepare to enter the Age of Aquarius. 2024 will be a very challenging year which will require us to remain focused on creating the future we wish to live in.

Human collective consciousness has not decided on what it’s vision of the future is as yet.   As the “Bridgers”, we are the last generation born during the Age of Pisces. We know its shadow side and we want something different than what we have known. The growing light of truth is illuminating all things and as it does, it will deny the action of fear.  As we strive to create more beauty and harmony in the world rather than rely on existing broken systems, a collective vision will emerge for humanity’s future.

We are the People we have been waiting for. 
Out of the ruins of fear-based systems,
we will create an open hand society.
We are paving the road
for all future generations to come.

 For thousands of years, mystics have foretold of the times we are now in. Cosmic forces have been preparing for the momentous celestial event of 2024 which will support humanity’s evolution and signal a new timeline beginning in 2025.  For years astrologers have been anticipating Pluto’s movement into Aquarius on January 20th.  Why?

Pluto is known as the great transformer, a planet of revolutionary change. It has been energetically influencing the uncovering of dark, hidden secrets, agendas, misdeeds, power and corruption the last several years with increasing speed since 2008.  Pluto, discovered in 1930 has never been in Aquarius during our lifetime because its orbit is 248 years. Pluto was last in Aquarius in 1777.  Aquarius, is a great awakener, a sign for clarity, authenticity, independence, freedom, collaboration and innovation. This age will bring new level of consciousness and intuition for humanity with a unified focus on well-being globally.

There are great potentials ahead for humanity’s continued awakening.  As one of 3 outer planets, Pluto, along with Neptune and Uranus, each have a powerful influence over the evolutionary shifts of the collective consciousness of humanity.  Astrologers will be talking all year about Pluto and the influence of alignments across the sky. Check the following astrologers out and see who/what appeals to you:  Pam Gregory, Heather Ensworth, Elizabeth Jones, Barbara Goldsmith and Astrology Hub.

Your Energy Influences the Whole.

Stay vigilant to your own fears. Watch yourself. Be careful of predictions, misinformation, conspiracy theories and how they may trigger a trauma response in you.  Be honest with yourself. Take several breaths to resettle your nervous system before you engage. Giving yourself a pause will allow you to reconsider what is True for you. Use discernment to know how frequencies of fear and conflict are landing in your body. 

Your self-awareness will determine
how you will move forward
during this change.

The new call is to “be present and to practice being in our knowing” this year as author Paul Selig, explains in his newest channeled work, The Book of Innocence. When we are present and in our knowing (of our truth) we are living as the truest version of ourselves. Stay in your center. Be a better guardian of your nervous system for yourself and also for the Collective.

As you change within, your new frequency becomes broadcast to the outer world. We change the world by changing ourselves first. The outer world is merely a reflection of the new frequency that you have achieved within to become a truer, more loving, cooperative, and empowered human being. Don’t anticipate some BIG event happening in the world.  Anticipation is a precursor of fear.  Stay in your knowing.  Respond to the needs of the moment and only the needs of the moment.

We need each other like we need Nature. 
Community is key!

There is a battle going on for your consciousness and attention. Have good boundaries for how much screen time you spend on social media or the news.  Limit your screen time and engage with “Real” people.  Be clear on who your community support team and allies are that elevate your vibrational frequency.  Be in the flow of kindness with a positive minded community.

 How do you create and contain light within yourself?

You are here to generate the frequencies of light, joy, and heart in your own unique way.  Find those areas within yourself and become a guardian of light, joy and heart within yourself as you navigate these tumultuous times.  It is precisely these frequencies that will sustain you beyond fear and conflict during 2024.

If you are a caregiver, know that you can only be as strong for others as you can be for yourself. What activities do you do to sustain your soul light?  Self-nurturing is essential. Do you get out in Nature or exercise? Do you know Reiki? Consider learning Reiki this year. Reiki is an excellent self-nurturing tool. Calm yourself and reduce your anxiety with Reiki.  Come in for a Reiki and/or BEMER, a passive vascular therapy session to calm your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Get enough sleep, stay hydrated and eat healthy food. Be in “right-relationship” with family and friends. Live in the truth of who you are. You belong here and you are needed now!

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