Setting Intentions for 2024

A New Year’s Message

Creating a New Path for 2024

Greetings Everyone,

 A new year is dawning and everyone is ready to leave the many challenges of 2023 behind. The turbulent times of these last several years have created great unrest. 2024 is a Universal “8” year bringing expansion and abundance of whatever energies we are creating. Positive energies will attract more harmony while negative, low vibrational energies will create more disharmony.  Will you create harmony or more disharmony in 2024?

Each of us has a unique note that is yours to play in the symphony of the spheres or the music of the universe- the harmonic music of celestial bodies described by Pythagoras.  If our note is out of tune with the Universe, we must realign our note of expression so we can return to be in harmony with Source or Prime Creator.  When our thoughts, choices and actions are based on love we move towards harmony. When our choices are based in fear we create more separation from Source resulting in disharmony.

Every year has its own trials of disharmony. Certainly we have witnessed war, political discord nationally and globally, economic strains, natural disasters and much more.  Every new year, in fact every moment, offers us an opportunity to realize and create more harmony in our lives.

The end of December has gifted us with a beautiful full moon to reflect on our experiences from 2023. Metaphorically, it shines a light on all the hidden areas of our lives.  If you have not done so already, let the following questions help you prepare for 2024. Use the answers to create new intentions for your path in 2024.

1) What milestones, major challenges or lessons did you experience this year?
2) What behaviors or emotional feelings do you want to release and leave behind?
3) What did you manifest in 2023 that you would like to continue to nurture in the coming year?
4) What new things or changes would you like to create in 2024?

Design new intentions for 2024 from the answers you have gleamed. Be specific and positive stating each intention in the present tense.  Let your intentions support your truest expression in order to create more balance and harmony in your life.  Imagine that your intentions have already been achieved and that you are living the realized joy of your intentions.  The alchemy of this process is the magnetic energy of your imagination and your heart energy or heart-mind coherence. As you continue to focus on these intentions with your heart energy, you will help to bring your intentions into form.  Using this focused energy is what separates intentions from resolutions.

Use guidance with a psychic reading with Jessica Lawrence or have a shamanic healing with Scott Nelson to assist you in realizing your obstacles and best path for 2024.  A Reiki session can help you release stagnated emotional energy and restore flow and equilibrium for inner harmony, health and well-being.

Wishing you a healthy and happy New Year with an abundance of harmony and well-being.
With gratitude for your support,

Anne Bentzen,

Balancing 4 Life

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