Fall Equinox: Balancing Heart and Mind

Fall Equinox

Balancing Heart and Mind

Healing the Humanity’s Disconnection

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The 2023 Fall Equinox on Saturday, September 23rd offers a powerful opportunity to shift your spiritual essence and amplify your consciousness to enable you to receive higher wisdom and guidance from your Soul self.  We are at the final crossroads and the path you choose now will shape your future in profound ways beyond your comprehension. This is the reset or the BIG Shift many metaphysical teachers and astrologers have been talking about for the last 10 years and longer. The 2023 Equinox is the opening gateway that will bring greater clarity regarding our individual and collective purposes.

Your active participation with conscious intention to listen to your intuition is vital to heal personally and collectively our disconnection between the heart and the mind.  A finer vibration of love and light is already here with this equinox. We must learn to trust that our Superconscious self (our soul) can take much better care of us from its higher perspective, than our 3rd dimensional egos.

Our lower mind is linear, logical and analytical. It’s controlling mechanism or desire to keep us safe also keeps us disconnected from our spiritual nature and higher guidance. It is a lower frequency that interrupts the flow of higher wisdom from our Soul self or higher self.  Doubt, interpretation or judgment immediately disconnect your heart from your higher mind. As we learn to release ourselves from lower mind mental constructs and fear, we can trust that we are always guided to achieve our highest potentials. It is up to us to make the highest choices.

If you are feeling more in tune with the Universe or feeling different lately, you may be awakening to dimensions previously unseen before.  There are heightened energies vibrating through us and Gaia, our Earth mother.  A cosmic, natural equilibrium and alignment occurs during the Equinox allowing for an influx of new light filled consciousness to shower all life on Earth with a multitude of activations. These activations will effect everyone at the DNA level regardless of their level of awareness.

It is time to learn how to balance our giving and receiving. Even more importantly, we are being asked to consciously choose to let go of old limiting beliefs and cultural programing that has kept humanity off balance for thousands of years. By recognizing and releasing the old judgments that created humanity’s imbalance out of a need for separation and domination we are purging layers of karma. This is the chaotic world we are living in today.  However, this Equinox is giving us the opportunity to emerge from the cocoon of transformation with a new consciousness that will create a new world which values unity and an abundance of resources for all.

Now is the time to claim our freedom from the mis-creations of ancient history. We are much more than merely human and only scratching the surface of our potential as multi-dimensional, spiritual beings.  Healing is an inside job. This Equinox is an invitation to humanity to accept a new level of initiation in the body, mind, spirit and above.

Are you ready to say “Yes” to evolving your consciousness and ascend the spiral of evolution?  Each of us is a pebble of change that can have a positive effect on humanity, the planet, our solar system and the Universe.  We are creating a wave, a ripple effect by our conscious intention that will affect future generations. This is why you are here.

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